Dec 17, 2020 | Hardwood Floor

How to Maintain Hardwood Floors


No matter which methods you choose when it came to the installation of hardwood floors in Scottsdale, your hardwood floor is going to be your pride and joy! Congratulations! Now, it is important to maintain that floor and keep it looking as beautiful as ever. Hardwood floors in Scottsdale should be easy to take care of, if you know how. Maintenance is not difficult, but it does require attention. Here is some advice on how to maintain hardwood floors.

Keep them clean

Remove spills immediately. If water is spilled, wipe it up immediately with a soft cloth. Water can stain, mold, or cause swelling. Keep the floor dry, and when you want to wash it, use a dry mop, and the appropriate cleaning product, according to the instructions. The hardwood floors in Scottsdale should be maintained according to the advice of the manufacturer or finisher.

Don’t allow anything to scratch

Vacuum and sweep the floor regularly. Dust particles, dirt, and other foreign bodies can be tracked all over the floor, and it can cause scratches in the wood. Keeping the floor clean by sweeping is one of the best things to maintain hardwood floors in Scottsdale because any dirt can act like sandpaper. If you have a good vacuum cleaner with strong suction, that will help to pull away any potential scratchers.

Put down mats—but be careful!

Mats are a good idea once you have identified the high traffic areas in your home. Then put the mat down where the dirt is most likely to accumulate. Make sure that the mat itself will not damage the floor. The best mat for hardwood floors in Scottsdale is usually one that breathes and doesn’t trap any dirt or moisture underneath.

Pay attention to instructions

To keep your hardwood floors in Scottsdale looking good for many years to come, be sure to be aware of the manufacturer’s recommendations. Hardwood floors differ in finish and in the different types of wood that are used. That means that there will be different instructions for maintaining and keeping the floor clean. Only use recommended products for cleaning and talk to the manufacturer if you feel that something more than that is needed. There are services that can give your floor a bit more, if needed.

A bit more?

From time to time, most households do want to give their floors and carpets a professional, deep clean, or have the flooring refinished or restored. You can do a lot to maintain the floor and keep it clean, but only professional assistance can really restore and properly maintain the hardwood floors in Scottsdale that have a lot of scratches and stains.

So, if that floor is not looking like your pride and joy anymore, it is a good idea to find out what the professionals can do. Click here for more information on restoring and maintaining hardwood floors in Scottsdale.


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