Moisture Testing

Moisture Testing and Acclimation

We will do many different moisture tests on your home wood floor before the installation and finishing. We will moisture testing on our first visit to your home and continue to monitor through the project’s end. The initial moisture testing is for the environment. This will tell us the Relative Humidity Percentage (RH%) and the temperature (°F). These two numbers give us a baseline on the home and tell us what Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC%) your wood floor should be or when your wood is in its “Happy Place”.
We will continue to monitor your home’s environment throughout the installation project to ensure your home is ready for its new wood floors, including acclimation. If the floor is not appropriately acclimated, it can cause failure throughout the house. You must maintain this environment, even after installation. We’ll be able to provide you proper environmental conditions for your floors based on your location and type of wood floor. Floors that experience conditions outside these parameters can and do fail. This is considered an environmental issue and will not fall under your warranty.
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