Nov 26, 2020 | Hardwood Floor

Environmental Benefits of Installing Hardwood Floors


If you are looking at renovating sometime soon, or if you are building a new home, you probably have considered what you will be using for flooring in your home. Many people use synthetic floors, such as tile flooring or carpeting, throughout their homes, but if you are looking for an environmentally beneficial flooring, then you should be considering hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix. Despite being sourced from lumber, hardwood flooring is actually the more environmentally sound flooring option, and here’s why.

Ethically Sourced Lumber

Throughout the world, there has been a growing issue about the lumber trade, where many countries for centuries were cutting down more trees for lumber than they were regrowing. While this is still an issue in many places, when you are looking for hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix, you can rest easy in knowing that the lumber that hardwood floor comes from is ethically sourced. The lumber industry that is feeding hardwood flooring actually plants more trees per year than they cut down, so you don’t need to worry about fueling deforestation when you choose hardwood floors for your home.

Reduced Energy Spending

Hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix is a relatively low energy consumption method of flooring. Think about it; when you install carpet in a home, you are often expected to replace it every 5 years. However, when you install hardwood floors, you should only need to rejuvenate it every 10-15 years, and it can stay installed and good-looking for over a century. That means less energy is spent on creating the materials and installing flooring for your home.

Improved Air Quality

Many don’t think about their home’s air quality when they think of the flooring in their home, but it can be a concern for many people, especially the young, elderly, and those with medical conditions. Carpets have to be vacuumed often in order to prevent the build up of dust and allergen particles, and vacuums just can’t get everything. Dirt, dust and pet dander settle under the carpet. With hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix, you don’t have to worry about the flooring absorbing and releasing dust and allergens constantly, and they are quick and easy to clean.

Carbon Neutral Lifecycle

One of the benefits of choosing hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix is that the material you are using is going to end up being carbon neutral. The life cycle of the hardwood goes from sapling to tree, to lumber, to hardwood for your floor, and during its years of growing, it is helping take CO2 out of the air and providing oxygen for decades. Then, as hardwood flooring, it can be used for over a century, if properly taken care of, meaning that, overall, it is a very environmentally friendly material to use.

Durable Flooring that Lasts

Hardwood is one of the longest lasting flooring options you can have. Most hardwood flooring can last in a home an average 75 years, but it can last well over a century with proper care, too. Carpets often have to be pulled up every 15-20 years, but hardwood floors can be rejuvenated multiple times (by recoating or sanding a small layer off the top of the flooring and refinishing your hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix). That results in much fewer materials being thrown away and filling up landfills.

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