Dec 16, 2020 | Wood Floor

Wood Flooring Installation Techniques: Which One is Right for You?

New wood flooring can transform your home into an incredibly timeless and welcoming space. It brings a warmth that no other flooring type can match. When you are looking at flooring types, wood flooring in Phoenix cannot be beat.

Installing wood flooring in Phoenix is a job best left for a professional. Make sure you ask your flooring specialist about the different types and ways you can install wood flooring and which one is right for your space.

The three most popular ways of installing wood flooring in Phoenix are:

1) Floating Installation

Floating installation means that the wood floor is not secured to the subfloor. The pieces are clipped into each other using the tongues and grooves on edges and ends of the wood planks. The subfloor must be perfectly leveled before a wood flooring in Phoenix is installed with this technique.

This installation technique is commonly used when the subfloor is made of cement or tile. It is also commonly used over floors with radiant heat. Your wood flooring in Phoenix specialist can help you to decide if a floating installation technique is right for your space.

2) Nailed Installation

Using nails or staples is a very common way for wood flooring in Phoenix to be installed. Nails or staples are used to affix the wood flooring to a wooden subfloor. If installed correctly, the nails or staples are not visible.

It may be necessary to install a wooden subfloor if one does not exist in the space. Once this has been done, installing wood flooring in Phoenix using a nail-down technique is quite straight-forward. A specialty nail or staple gun is required to ensure that the installation looks flawless.

3) Adhesive Installation

Adhesives are sometimes used to install wood flooring in Phoenix. Either urethane or synthetic polymer adhesives are used to adhere the floor onto the subfloor. The subfloor needs to be perfectly levelled before installing the new wood floor.

The ease of using adhesive to install a wood flooring in Phoenix depends on the type of adhesive used. It is also important to check the adhesive product for VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can contribute to indoor air pollution. Your wood flooring specialist will know which type of adhesive is best.

Wood flooring in Phoenix seems like a doable do-it-yourself project; however, in reality, many people are left disappointed when they do it themselves. There are many ways that a wood floor installation can go wrong. Installation errors can result in a less-than-perfect end result or even require a costly re-do. It is best to let the professionals install your wood flooring.

The experienced team at Blackhawk Floors have 18 years of experience installing high quality wood flooring in Phoenix. They take pride in their workmanship and every installation is completed to their exacting standards. A full-service company like Blackhawk Floors will help you to choose the perfect wood flooring for your space and will make sure that it is expertly installed in a timely manner. Contact us for more details.


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