Flooring Adhesive

Why is flooring adhesive so important?

hardwood floor adhesive

Adhesives contribute to the successful installation and life of your hardwood floor. Once you’ve gathered environmental readings, acclimated the product, and we’ve talked about removing the current flooring, we’re ready for the adhesive.

Choosing an adhesive is very important to us and your flooring project. Each year, we spend time extensively testing and researching to find a product we see as the best adhesive available, regardless of cost. If the adhesive fails, the floor fails. Blackhawk Floors, Inc. uses only proven products to ensure the best success possible.

We have been using BONA adhesive for several years and have not had any issues with it! We are very confident in this product’s ability to perform. The BONA adhesive is a Silane based adhesive that is 0% VOC, meaning it’s better for you and us. BONA adhesive also gives us moisture barrier good to 12 #’s (ASTM1869). We use this adhesive on almost all our glue down installations for the year. Consistency also eliminates failures due to using the wrong trowel for the adhesive as each bond requires a specific size trowel.

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