New Base, Undercut, or Shoe Molding?

Your floor is chosen. We know the color, grade, texture, and width. Now what to do with that expansion space or the required gap at all vertical structures. This gap is purposeful because it allows the wood floor to expand as needed during any seasonal changes without damaging your floor or home.

There are three types of options for most homes:


New Base

We will remove the existing base, if present, and install a new base after the wood floor is installed. The most popular options for the profiles are either painted or hardwood. If the floor is sanded, the base will go on before the final coat. If the base is paint grade, we recommend that it at least be primed before installation. We do NOT paint, so arrangements should be made to have this done. While beautiful, this is the most expensive option.


New Shoe Molding/Quarter-Round

This option works for floors with existing baseboards you don’t want to replace or homes without any base. This small molding addition is typically 1/2’” wide X ¾” tall. It can either be painted or hardwood. Again, if you are going to have it painted, paint it before installation. We will caulk and fill nail holes. This is generally about the same cost as undercutting, but some people do not prefer the look of undercutting and want the clean lines of this option.


Under-Cutting Existing Base

This option utilizes the existing baseboards. We use a saw designed to cut parallel to the floor to cut the base’s bottom portion. The flooring is installed under the base, so the base looks like it’s installed on top of the floor. This is a great economical choice for homes where the base is either new or in good condition.