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Important Maintenance Tips for Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood flooring is a great choice for almost any room in any home! It always looks clean, adds value to your home, and lasts for years! One of the other reasons people love it is that its very easy to maintain, but a lot of homeowners hear that and think that “low maintenance” is the same as “no maintenance”. Here’s some ways you can make sure that your hardwood flooring in Chandler, AZ (https://blackhawkfloors.com/hardwood-flooring-chandler-az/) is a look that lasts!

Wood Types and Climates Matter!

One reason that hardwood flooring is so great is how many options you have in your look in terms of types of wood, color, coat finish, or woodgrain. But just as certain trees are native to different areas, some woods do better in certain climates than they do in others. Hardwood flooring in the cold Atlantic air of Barrington, Rhode Island will react to the elements differently than hardwood flooring in Chandler, Arizona.

Do some reading or talk to an expert about which wood flooring types do best in your home’s environment and choose accordingly. If the flooring is already installed, keep this in mind with maintenance and possible preventative treatments to prevent warping.

Sweep Often!

The simplest thing you can do to keep your hardwood flooring looking its best is just regular cleaning. One of the reasons hardwood flooring always looks so clean is that bits of dust, debris, or hairs can be tough to see. In practice, though, these particles can cause wear to the wood finish or scratching if they are left to rub against the wood.

Sweeping every few days will generally take care of this problem for you. Maybe bump it up to every day if you have cats or dogs in the home because they shed and track extra dirt into the home.

Deep Clean Treatments!

Hardwood is a fantastic look for a home because the natural waves, grains, and ripples of the wood add a textured look that you just don’t get from most flooring types. The downside? These ripples and waves tend to naturally collect all the grime and oils of a home. This causes more and more dirt and dust to accumulate in these textured areas, and that causes additional wear, damage, and discoloration.

A professional deep cleaning services can do wonders for keeping your hardwood flooring looking new and healthy! Professionals know how to get into every edge and crevice that you just couldn’t do with the usual grocery store cleaning products!

Repair Any Damage Quickly!

Just like any piece of armor, the first crack can be the beginning of the end. Your hardwood flooring cracks trap extra dirt, causing more friction and faster damage. If there is a splinter in one piece, someone can trip there and chip away at the neighboring piece as well! Replacing damaged flooring sooner rather than later will keep your repair jobs smaller. Professional repair staff can even usually find a match for your flooring type easily if you don’t have spare panels!

Another repair option is hardwood floor recoating. Recoating is a simple, one-day treatment that can refresh your flooring before the damage even occurs! Talk to a local flooring consultant to see if this is just the thing your room needs to stay bright and vibrant longer!

The Best Hardwood Flooring in Chandler, AZ

Hardwood flooring can be an incredible addition to any space, but, just like every type of flooring or furniture, there is some maintenance involved. Luckily, there are simple ways to do it yourself at home, and there are skilled professionals to help you with the finer points of hardwood flooring in Chandler, AZ.


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