Ensuring Success of Your Floor

Blackhawk Floors, Inc. adheres to strict industry standards. We want to ensure the successful installation of your wood floor and will take all the necessary steps to achieve that success.

Blackhawk Floors

Our Specific Process

Floor Prep

The successful installation of your new wood floor is paramount to us here at Blackhawk Floors, Inc. We will be with you every step of the way as your new floor is installed. Our first interaction with our customers almost always start the same way, sharing knowledge. As an authority in our industry, we love to share the beauty wood floors have to offer.

Moisture Testing

We will do many different types of moisture tests on your home and the wood floor prior to the installation and finishing. Moisture testing is something that we will do upon our first visit to your home and will continue through the end of the project.

Glue Down

Adhesives contribute to the successful installation and life of your floor. We have done extensive testing and research to find a product we see as the best adhesive available, regardless of cost.


You need your floor refinished. Every wood floor is different. It is a complicated process and we understand it! Because wood is all that we do and why you have chosen us

Trim (base)

Expansion Space is the required gap at all vertical structures, like walls and even other flooring. This gap is purposeful and very important. It allows the wood floor to expand as needed during any seasonal changes without damaging your floor or home.