Floor Prep

Floor Prep Details

The successful installation of your new wood floor is paramount to us here at Blackhawk Floors, Inc. We will be with you through every step of the floor installation process.

Successful installation begins with proper floor preparation of the existing surface. Floor prep consists of many different tasks, from the demo of existing flooring to flattening the slab. Your floor prep’s difficulty and price difference has to do with the amount of concrete grinding and floating involved. We’ll always haul away the old flooring for our clients.

Types of Flooring removals:


Carpet demo: including removal of the carpet, pad, and tack strip.


Tile demo: which consists of large amounts of plastic hung for dust containment. Tile demos are a noisy and slow process. We do our best to contain as much dust as we can.

Once all existing flooring is removed, we will evaluate the flatness of the slab. The NWFA and most manufacturers require the floor to be flat with a measurement of 3/16″ over 10′. To fix any part of your floor that does not meet those specifications, we will either grind (make the floor lower) or float (add area) the floor.

Having to modify your floor can cause a price increase. Because these items are unforeseen at the beginning of the project, we will spend time with you should one of these arise. We will make sure that you understand the importance and can see the need for these charges. We will be doing a change order for the amount needed to bring the floor to be within industry standard. Any grinding or floating amount can be quite time-consuming and may add additional time to the project. These services are NOT optional, and we will NOT continue with our installation until these items are addressed. Not tending to these items “WILL” void warranties and we will not install a floor improperly!