Dec 18, 2020 | Wood Accent Wall

Four Rooms that Prove Wood Accent Walls are Trending

For homeowners looking to add intrigue and complexity to a space, accent walls can be just the thing. By adorning one wall of a room with a bold pop of color, a lush wallpaper, or a wood accent, you can transform it into the focal point of what once was a simple space. You also don’t have to decorate the entire wall, but rather a trimming—say around a fireplace or a large portrait. Those entering the room will immediately find themselves drawn to the accent wall and what’s surrounding it. Depending on the decorating method you use, you can convey many different feelings and emotions without breaking the bank. In this blog post, we’ll focus on the many benefits of the wood accent wall, along with four beautiful spaces that prove this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime fast.

The benefits of a Wood Accent Wall

1. Separating Space

Open concept floor plans are great for creating a sense of connection and grandeur, but it can also make it difficult to define each space. A wood accent wall offers the illusion of separation without the price tag that adding walls would have. You also don’t have to spend hours trying to tactfully reposition your furniture to break a large space into smaller sections. The wood accent wall takes care of all of that for you.

2. Enlarging a Room

As we spend more and more time indoors during the winter months, our small spaces can seem even more constricted. A great and affordable way to enlarge a space is by adding a wood accent wall. Choosing a wood with a lighter grain can pull in light and reflect it off of the other surfaces to give the illusion of a wide-open space. It’ll make you fall back in love with your cozy space!

3. Adding Texture

What’s great about a wood accent wall versus painted walls is the texture. Wood adds dimension to a space, and it is more intriguing to look at than a fresh coat of paint.

Four Rooms that Prove Wood Accent Walls are Trending

1. The Living Room

If your living room is without a fireplace or mantle, consider installing a partial wood accent wall. Not only does it frame the TV, but it also creates a focal point in the room, adding a lot more visual interest and depth to the space.

2. The Kitchen

Wood accent walls don’t just have to be, well, walls! If your kitchen has or will have built-ins, consider spicing them up with wood detailing. Be sure to paint any walls alongside the cabinets the same color so it creates a seamless look.

3. The Office

This method can also be applied to bookcases in an office! It’s a really great trick for breaking up a monotone room or a room that isn’t as lively as others in your home, and all it takes is a simple wood accent wall.

4. The Hallway

Wood accent walls are especially perfect for underappreciated spaces like hallways. Although narrow and more of a passerby space, hallways are the perfect area of any home to make a statement in. If there is a doorway (or simply a wall) at the end of your hall, instead of painting it a bold color, make it wood and allow it to look like an extension of your floor or ceiling. Visit our website for more details.


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