Dec 19, 2020 | Hardwood Floor

Five Questions to Ask Your Hardwood Flooring Contractor


Renovating is a common pastime this year: updating, upgrading, and fixing up a lot of issues around the home is a hot trend, and flooring is one of the most common parts of the home to renovate. Replacing and installing new flooring can be a labor-intensive process, and many people will hire professionals to take on the task. Hiring the right contractor for hardwood flooring in Scottsdale, AZ is important for ensuring you get a good quality floor that is going to last several decades, and for ensuring you don’t end up with a mess in the end.

Are They Insured and Licensed?

Like many contractor-related home renovation trades, such as plumbing and electrical work, there is a license for flooring installation. When you are looking for a contractor for hardwood flooring in Scottsdale, AZ the first question you should be asking them, or checking on their website, is that they are properly licensed for flooring installation. While checking for licensing, you should also make sure they are insured, just in case something goes wrong (such as an accident). Then you are protected with their insurance.

Can They Provide References?

Having proof that a contractor for hardwood flooring in Scottsdale, AZ is of good quality is a great thing if you are going to hire them for your hardwood flooring installation plans. Any contractor you are considering should be willing to give you at least 3 references for work they have previously done. However, the references they provide will almost always be hand-picked from their best work, so check google reviews, Facebook reviews, or other review sites for a full gamut of reviews; one or two bad reviews are normal for any contractor, but a large number of them can be a bad sign.

How Long Should the Installation Take?

Installing a floor is going to be intrusive to your life at home, generally, because you’ll have to be more careful walking through the room that is being worked on, and you won’t be able to use that room at all until the floor is fully installed. When talking with the contractor you may choose for installing your hardwood flooring in Scottsdale, AZ, ask them how long they expect the flooring installation process to take, from start to finish. This not only includes physical installation, but also the time it’ll take for them to order and have the flooring delivered, and if there are days needed for drying.

How Will They Contain Dust and Provide Cleanup?

Installation of hardwood flooring in Scottsdale, AZ is more than just pulling up the old floor and laying down a new one. Sometimes, sanding needs to be done, which will kick up dust and other particulates, and those can get onto your draperies, appliances, and other furniture. Ask your potential contractor how they will mitigate dust, whether it involves plastic tarping or using more expensive, dustless machinery.

Do They Include a Warranty on the Installation?

When installing hardwood flooring in Scottsdale, AZ it is going to be a big investment, and you want that investment to come with some form of guarantee. Is the contractor you are considering willing to back up their installation with some form of warranty? What does their warranty cover: just the material, or also the installation quality and future maintenance on your new flooring?

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