Jan 12, 2021 | Wood Accent Wall

Everything you need to know about Wood Accent Walls

You just need one absolutely stand-out feature in your home to turn it into a fabulous conversation piece. A wood accent wall can easily be that feature. There is no right way or wrong way to put in a wood accent wall, and they work in any room to accommodate any taste and any age group. Those points and more are everything you need to know about wood accent walls.

What is an accent wall?

An accent wall is a wall that stands out and is different from the other walls around it. There are many ways of making one wall stand out. Some decorators paint the wall a different color, or use wallpaper or another material, like wood, to make a statement. An accent wall can be anything the decorator envisions. Wood accent walls are a very popular choice because so much can be done with it.

Why have a wall made out of wood?

A wood accent wall really pops as a focal wall. Wood adds warmth and serenity to any space, whether you want the wood accent wall to be in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. Most rooms can use a bit of enhancement. A wood accent wall does more than make a statement. It can hide problems, cover flaws in the room’s design, or liven up an otherwise ordinary space.

What kind of wood is best?

There are so many different choices for wood for a wood accent wall, and there is no best choice of wood; it works with any plan. The wooden wall can be hardwood, reclaimed wood, engineered wood, or it can be painted or textured.

Why choose wood for the wood accent wall?

Something inside the human soul is conditioned to love wood. We are nature lovers, and wood connects us to the outdoors. There are so many purposes for wood. It looks great, smells good, and it feels cozy. Wood has always been a part of the home because there are so many purposes and reasons to use wood, from furniture to tableware, to walls and floors. Wood is durable and strong. As well, it is easy to work with. Paint it, polish it, or leave it just as it wants to be. Wood can be recycled or renewed. And it always looks very beautiful, making it the best possible wood accent wall.

A wood accent wall can be good for the environment

Reclaimed wood is becoming very popular. It is a renewable resource that saves old, treasured wood from barns or other buildings from ending up in the landfill. Using it can be a way of bringing history into the home, and as well, you are doing yourself a favor because the wood is lovely, unique, and strong. Your wood accent wall will really be a focal point when you can tell its story!

A wood accent wall can be anything you want it to be. If you are thinking of turning one wall of any room in your home into something fabulous. Click here for more details.


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