Nov 2, 2020 | Wood Accent Wall

Top Five Wood Accent Wall Ideas to Elevate Your Home

There are so many reasons to think about natural wood when you are wanting to put a little atmosphere into your space. Wood accent walls are beautiful and an absolute showstopper. Here are five wood accent wall ideas to inspire your decorating dreams. Anyone wanting to bring some comfort home should consider the beauty and simplicity of a wood accent wall.

Don’t overdo it.

One wall is enough to make the statement. The number one idea for the wood accent wall is to make the wall a focal piece. The great thing about having a focal wall is that it can fit into any room. Have a wood accent wall in the bedroom behind the bed, the bathroom, the den, or even in the kitchen. A wood accent wall can add something no matter where it goes.

Choose your wood.

A wood accent wall looks great with reclaimed wood. Imagine a wood accent wall in rough textures and natural colors. Wouldn’t that bring style and comfort to your home? In addition, you can give a new home to the beloved old wood. Saving reclaimed wood from the landfill and using it in your wood accent wall is environmentally responsible as well as beautiful. A reclaimed wood accent wall typically is unstained or painted and falls in a variety of colors in a range of browns and greys.

But if rough and rustic is not your style, another option for a wood accent wall is one that is stained and polished. A smooth and shiny wood accent wall brings an entirely different type of warmth and elegance to the space.

Make a little space for yourself

A popular wood accent wall idea is to find a cozy area and add a little bench with cushions to make a little personal library and reading area. Morning coffee in a cozy corner, nicely lit would be a lovely way of starting the day.

Be bold

Did we say don’t overdo it? That is good advice, but a search on Instagram or Pinterest does give a lot of really fantastic outside-the-box ideas to give your home a wood accent wall that will be a real conversation piece, no matter where it is. Think about stripes with wood over paint or textured wallpaper. Consider different colors, stains, and patterns. Another great outside-the-box idea is to have the wooden pieces in differing lengths, in chevron patterns, or in other shapes.

Have it your way

There are so many great ideas to having a wood accent wall as your focal wall. The best part of the focal wall idea is not just that a focal wall makes the most out of a difficult space, but when that focal wall is made of wood, it takes a difficult space and gives it charm and warmth as well as style and comfort—no matter where and no matter which idea works the best.

A wood accent wall will work in any space. Wood does so much more for your space than wallpaper or paint. Wood accent walls create depth, texture, and warmth, and they elevate your home. Click here for more ideas and information.


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