Sep 25, 2020 | Wood Floor

Keep Your Home Up to Date with Wooden Flooring Trends

Decorating an indoor space can be very exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There are so many different elements that go into creating the perfect room. A perfectly designed indoor space includes many elements that compliment each other. Out of all of the elements that go into a great room, flooring is often the hardest for people to commit to. There are so many choices for wood flooring in Phoenix.

Wood flooring in Phoenix anchors the whole look and feel of the indoor space. Depending on the design style and use of the room, there are many different wood materials and finishes to choose from.

The trends and fashions in flooring change just like in clothes. Check out what’s trending in wood flooring in Phoenix in 2020:

Types of Wood

The best types of wood used for wood flooring in Phoenix are hard woods that are easily available. These include woods like oak, maple, and cherry.

White oak is incredibly popular in interior design circles and is an extremely popular wood flooring in Phoenix right now. It is incredibly durable, so it makes a great, long-lasting addition to high-traffic areas. White oak is a very versatile and beautiful option for wood flooring in Phoenix.

It is always important to make sure that your wood flooring in Phoenix is sourced from sustainable forests. Using hardwood that is certified by the US Forestry Stewardship Council ensures that it is ethically sourced and environmentally friendly.

Stain, Paint, or Natural

Interior design trends are moving towards lighter, blonder woods that can be left natural, stained, or painted. Wood flooring in Phoenix can take on many different looks, depending on the finish that is applied to it.

If an organic look appeals to you, white oak and lighter hardwoods can be left unstained to give a soft, raw feel to any room. They can also be stained or painted to achieve any look you might want. The natural look is definitely gaining popularity in wood flooring in Phoenix.

Painted wood flooring in Phoenix is becoming more popular as well. It is possible to make your flooring a statement piece by using bold colors and patterns. Paint is also an easier way to change the look of a room compared to replacing the flooring altogether.

Stain can also be applied to change the look of your wood flooring in Phoenix. If your look requires a dark floor, try multiple applications of stain. Add warmth to a room with a gentle brown stain or even a medium grey-toned stain for a cooler finish. The possibilities are endless.


Hardwood floors assembled and installed in interesting and appealing patterns is very popular. Chevron, Herringbone, triangle and pentagon patterns can be combined with custom paint or stain techniques to create unique and interesting wood flooring in Phoenix.

Interesting patterns in your wood flooring in Phoenix not only looks great, but it hides imperfections. Those scratches from pets on your flooring are hidden by the overall pattern.

Enjoy the process of choosing your new wood flooring. It is an exciting opportunity to create the look you desire. Consult with an expert in wood flooring in Phoenix to help you narrow down your choices. Click here to learn more.


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