Nov 3, 2020 | Hardwood Floor

Signs It’s Time for Hardwood Floor Refinishing


Hardwood floors are beautiful and can really contribute to your home’s overall aesthetic. What’s more, they’re durable and can last for centuries. However, in order for hardwood floors to remain beautiful and durable, they may need to be periodically sanded and refinished. That’s where hardwood floors refinishers come in.

Hardwood floors can be refinished with the help of hardwood floors refinishers ( who have the equipment and expertise to do the job professionally and properly. But how will you know when it’s time to get your floors refinished. This blog will explain the three signs that will tell you that it’s time to get your hardwood floor refinished!

1. The Flooring is Scratched into the Stain

An early sign that your hardwood floors may need to be refinished is if they are covered in noticeable scratches. As mentioned above, one of the best things about hardwood floors is that they are beautiful. However, if they are covered in scratches and scuffs, especially deep ones that have gone through the stain, it’s time to look into hardwood floors refinishers to restore the beauty of the floor.

In general, most hardwood floor scratches are minor and can be fixed by sanding and refinishing the floor. However, it is worth keeping in mind that, if the scratches are bad enough, the piece of flooring may be too damaged and may need to be replaced by professional hardwood floors refinishers.

2. The Flooring is Beginning to Fade

Another sign that it might be time to hire hardwood floors refinishers to sand and refinish your floor is if the flooring is beginning to fade. A great way to think of hardwood floor fading is that it’s literally your floor begging you to refinish it before it’s too late and the damage is too severe.

The fading is a sign that the protective polyurethane has worn off, and the flooring has begun to absorb water. Luckily, the worst hasn’t happened yet, and you still have time. So, if you see that your flooring is beginning to fade, it’s time to seriously look into hardwood floors refinishers before it’s too late.


If you’ve noticed any of these signs with your hardwood floors, then it’s time to get them fixed before it’s too late. Call professional hardwood floors refinishers today. Click here to learn more!


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