Oct 24, 2022 | Wood Floor

Six Benefits of Wood Flooring

Whether you are building a new home or renovating your old home, deciding on the type of flooring is important. Flooring has come a long way since the shag carpet days of the 1970s. Wood flooring in Phoenix has a lot of benefits and is an affordable way to make your home look great.

1) Hardwood Flooring in Phoenix Adds Elegance

Hardwood can make a home appear more spacious while creating a more elegant look. The color of the wood can make a home have a feeling of warmth and make a great first impression on guests. Hardwood floors match well with most furniture and accessories. It comes in a variety of colors, shades, and even species of wood. With real hardwood floors, there is no repeat pattern as seen in factory-made “wood” floors and laminates. With each piece of wood, there are unique swirls, colors, and imperfections, making your floor truly one-of-a-kind.

2) Breathe Better

When looking at which type of flooring you want in your home, breathing is not something that comes to mind. However, carpets can hold dust, mites, pollens, and other allergens in the fibers. Other flooring, like laminate and tile, can hold allergens and mites in the cracks and grout lines. Wood flooring in Phoenix is the best option for pet owners and those who suffer from allergies.

3) Clean Easier

Even when it is vacuumed, the carpet can look dirty – which is why you need to have your carpets professionally shampooed annually. Carpet also frays and wears down (especially when you move furniture around) and this can make the house look untidy. Wood flooring in Phoenix is easy to clean and maintain. A quick sweep makes it look clean, and if something is spilled, it is easy to wipe up.

4) Wood Flooring Sounds Better

If sound quality is important to you, then wood flooring is the best option. The carpet will absorb the sound, whereas the hardwood floor will enhance the acoustics of a room. Wood flooring in Phoenix also reduces vibrations and hollow sounds. For in-home studios wood flooring is ideal. If you are worried about noise in the living areas, the right underlay will help absorb sounds made on wood flooring.

5) Hardwood Flooring Is Durable

There is a myth that hardwood flooring is easy to dent. Hardwood flooring is strong and durable, and this is why many homeowners are switching to wood flooring in Phoenix. It can get scraped and scratched, but it is not that easy to damage – and it can be easily repaired.

6) Wood flooring in Phoenix Can Be Made to Look New Again

Hardwood flooring needs to be maintained. When the hardwood floor begins to fade and wear out, we have many ways to have it looking bright and new again. Hardwood flooring can be refinished to spruce it up or recoated to brighten the room. If the hardwood floor is damaged, it can be repaired plank by plank as needed. We can also do a deep cleaning on the flooring to restore its luster and shine.

There is a long list of benefits for choosing wood flooring in Phoenix. From the ease of cleaning to its durability, and more. When the time comes to choose your hardwood flooring in Phoenix, we are here for you. Come see what we can offer.


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