Oct 22, 2022 | Wood Accent Wall

Five Unique Ways and Reasons to Create One Wood Accent Wall

A house becomes a home when it reflects the people that live there. A home shows personality and has its own quirks and uniqueness. A house becomes a home with the art on the walls, the style of the furniture, and the colors of the walls. A wood accent wall (https://blackhawkfloors.com/products/wood-walls/) is a unique way to turn a house into a home.

1) Make the Room Look Larger

Using wooden square patterns elongated with the wall will make a smaller room pop. By painting the wall and the frames on the wood accent wall the same color (especially a light color in a grey tone) you can bring warmth and unity to the room. Be careful not to mix both light and bright colors when using a wood accent, as this can make the room look smaller instead of larger.

2) A Wood Accent Wall Can Have Various Patterns

A large room, such as the living room, can come to life with a wood accent wall. Using a simple straight, thin wood accent in a variety of patterns, both horizontal and vertical (maybe even at an angle) will open the room up. Accent walls should have warm tones and can be beautifully complimented with wicker accessories and leather furniture.

3) Open A Hall or Entryway

Using horizontal slates from the floor to the ceiling can trick the eye into believing the area is larger than it is. Using this technique can make the eye focus up and down instead of ahead, creating an illusion of space. This is better when the wood accent wall is a darker shade than the other walls.

4) Create Elegance with a Wood Accent Wall

In the dining area, using a large wooden accent pattern can create a sophisticated look. Using a large pattern will not hold the eyes for long periods of time, allowing dinner conversations to occur naturally without distraction. This is accented best by a light wood floor.

5) Create A Beautiful Backspace for Your Staircase

A light-colored wall behind the staircase with small wood box accents can make the staircase look more open.

Things to Remember When Creating A Wood Accent Wall

Don’t over-decorate an accent wall. The wall is the main feature. Another tip is, to ensure the light switches and electrical outlets don’t stand out. Get darker fixture covers or colors that match the wood accent wall. Pure white covers on a dark wall will distract from the overall look.

A wood accent wall can change the perception of the home. It can make it appear bigger and brighter. Accent walls allow creativity and yet maintain the theme of a home. Let us make your house a home. We have the materials and expertise to help you create the wood accent walls you love.