Sep 22, 2022 | Hardwood Floor

Save Money by Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors Rather Than Replacing Them


When hardwood floors get scratched, stained, chipped, or just looking blah, there’s a decision to be made: replace or refinish. While there are pros and cons for doing either, professional hardwood floor refinishers say there are a few important factors to consider. One of them is budget.

The cost factor is important, and unless the hardwood is badly warped or damaged, refinishing hardwood floors save money vs. replacing them.

No doubt about it. Replacing hardwood flooring is a big deal, and it can get expensive. It requires ripping out and hauling away the old hardwood–not to mention the cost of the new planks and installation. Even if it means removing a few severely damaged planks here and there, refinishing will generally always be less expensive than tearing out the entire floor.

Unfortunately, sometimes there’s no choice. Hardwood floor experts explain that if the floor squeaks and creaks because the wood rubs against nails and screws in the floor if the planks are warping and changing their shape, it’s time to replace the hardwood.

Cost-efficient refinishing a hardwood floor is ideal for scrapes and scratches, dents and dings from heavy foot traffic or pet claws, or when the floor is just looking dull and worn. Hardwood floors refinishers are unanimous. Professional sanding and refinishing of hardwoods make the floors smooth and new—without the expense of replacement.

Qualified and experienced hardwood floor refinishers admit that the refinishing process, with terrific results in making a refinished hardwood floor look like new, is unarguably a messy project. Even for professionals.

Hardwood floor refinishers understand the unpleasant dust storm that accompanies a wooden floor refinish. It can seem like the dust from even a simple refinish can seep into a home for days. Expert hardwood floor refinishers can use a new Atomic Dust Containment System, specially designed to stop dust from escaping and kicking up everywhere. It also speeds up the process, keeps the home dust-free, and offers a better service with much less cleanup.

Refinishing restores the floor’s original luster and shine. It is also a great way to rev up the hardwood floor’s aesthetic appeal, without breaking the bank.

So, when all is said and done, hardwood floor refinishers agree. Refinishing hardwood is definitely the more affordable option.