Dec 9, 2022 | Hardwood Floor

Common Hardwood Floor Installation Mistakes & How to Avoid Them


Hardwood floors are popular because they are beautiful, elegant, durable and long-lasting—if done right!

As hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix professionals caution, of all the ambitious and well-intentioned home projects, the proper installation of hardwood flooring should not be considered a DIY project. It is far too tricky, picky and complicated and much too easy to cause problems and make mistakes.

Trained and skilled professionals who specialize in hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix warn about mistakenly choosing the wrong wood. Hardwood floors in high-traffic areas should be a harder wood, like hickory or maple, to resist scratches and other day-to-day wear. Lighter-colored options can help hide scratches caused by pets or kids. If the room has a lot of natural light, darker colors of hardwood usually hold-up better against sun damage.

Planning and measurement of hardwood flooring installations in Phoenix is a critical part of doing the job right. Whether it is engineered hardwood or solid hardwood floors, the measurements and the cutting of hardwood planks requires expertise, skill and precision. Mistakes can lead to expensive disasters.

Professionals who specialize in hardwood flooring installations in Phoenix have the experience and skills to prep the subfloor. It is a critical part of hardwood flooring installations, because an improperly prepped subfloor can lead to loose boards that shift and squeak, and can cause other structural damage.

Hardwood floors tend to move with their environment. If installed incorrectly, the planks may shift and expand, over time. Often, it is a result of placing floorboards on top of a wet subfloor. The moisture and humidity cause the boards to cling tightly to one another. In drier seasons, the boards retract and reveal gaps.

Hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix specialists also explain that warping (or “cupping”) is one of the most common hardwood flooring problems. Like many wood flooring issues, warping results from too much moisture or humidity in the floorboards.

No doubt about it. A clean, flat, and water-free subfloor is key to reliable hardwood flooring installations in Phoenix

Properly cleaning a floor before re-finishing is also an important aspect of hardwood flooring installations in Phoenix. It takes expertise and professional skill. Without thorough and proper cleaning or prepping, the finish will not stick, and may make the floor look even worse than before.

Let the pro’s do it. The hardwood floors must be cleaned to prevent hair, dirt, and other debris from getting caught in the finishing coat.