Hardwood Floor Inspections in Phoenix

Need a comprehensive evaluation of your hardwood floors in Phoenix? The condition of hardwood flooring can be affected by numerous factors, sometimes combining to create complex issues. Consulting with a professional endowed with both extensive field experience and specialized training is crucial. Wood floor inspection is an intricate process, akin to forensic analysis, aimed at uncovering underlying issues without the dramatic soundtrack.

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    Certified Hardwood Floor Inspector in Phoenix

    Jason Elquest stands out as a Certified National Wood Floor (NWFA) Inspector, reflecting his profound knowledge and commitment to the hardwood flooring realm. The path to NWFA certification is demanding, requiring not just vast experience but also thorough training and the successful navigation of stringent tests. Trained by some of the foremost experts in the industry, Jason brings an unparalleled level of skill to his role.

    Boasting more than two decades of direct involvement in the hardwood flooring industry, Jason combines real-world experience with advanced training, marking him as a leading figure in wood floor inspection. For those in Phoenix dealing with hardwood floor issues, Jason Elquest offers comprehensive, precise evaluations, ensuring any problems are accurately identified and addressed.

    Jason Elquest is a Certified National Wood Floor (NWFA) Certified Wood Floor Inspector.

    Why Blackhawk Floors?

    Choosing Blackhawk Floors for your hardwood floor inspection in Phoenix places your trust in a highly experienced professional dedicated to diagnosing and resolving flooring issues with unmatched accuracy and integrity. Jason Elquest’s unique combination of practical experience and in-depth training positions him as the premier choice for discerning homeowners and businesses in Phoenix needing authoritative advice on their hardwood flooring concerns.


    Our Inspection Process

    During a thorough inspection, we carefully assess all issues presented by the client. Our wood floor inspection aims to gather as much information about the floor as possible, often aided by receipts or timelines provided by the client. The inspection findings are then compiled into a clear and concise report.

    To ensure clarity, the report includes definitions of common industry terms. It’s not uncommon for addendums to be added if new information emerges after the initial inspection. While some inspections can be non-invasive, others may require removing portions of the floor system to conduct tests and observations that would otherwise be impossible.

    The inspection of a wood floor is conducted from a standing position, approximately 5 feet high and at a 2-foot angle, without backlighting. If specific lighting or getting on hands and knees is necessary to identify concerns, it may indicate a minimal issue. It’s essential to manage expectations realistically, as wood floors don’t have piano finishes, and they’re subject to daily wear and tear. Our evaluations adhere to industry guidelines set by the National Wood Floor Association (NWFA) for installation, sanding, finishing, and inspections.

    The hardwood floor inspection process.

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