Sep 2, 2021 | Wood Floor

Wood Flooring Myths and Facts

Many people this year did not travel or have a normal holiday. Looking at the same four walls and even the same old floor can be a bit depressing. There is an old saying that says a change is as good as a break. This is often used in the business world, but it still works with the home as well. If you can’t go anywhere, change where you are. Complete some minor renovations, paint some walls, redecorate, or even change the floor in your home. There are many myths about wood flooring in Paradise Valley that need to be addressed. Knowing the facts can help you change your dwelling place into the home that you want.

Wood flooring in Paradise Valley takes too much work

The first myth that needs to be debunked is that wood flooring takes a lot of maintenance. If you have kids or pets and think that carpet is a better option as it takes less work, think about the weekly schedule of cleaning in your home. Vacuuming needs to be completed every few days as carpet will trap dirt and hair. This means lugging the vacuum out and moving it from room to room as you clean the house. A wood floor will need to be cleaned about the same amount of time, but the floor will not trap anything and so it can be cleaned with a quick sweep with a dust mop.

People talk about having to recoat your floors when they begin to look dull. The type of wood flooring that you purchased will change how often this may need to be done, but on average recoating occurs every few years. When comparing carpet care to floor care, carpets also need to be maintained and should be professionally cleaned or shampooed a minimum of once a year in light traffic areas, and in a home with a smoker or with pets and children, this should be completed every few months.

I have pets and children and wood floor scratches too easily

It is true that wood floors may scratch or dent, but there are some wood which are stronger and fit better in high traffic areas. Wood floors often camouflage scratches and dents. Keeping dog nails trimmed, rugs at doors will assist in preventing scratches. For extreme damage from dents or scratches, the affected boards can be replaced. There are some things that can also help protect your wood floor, such as putting protectors on furniture to prevent them from scratching the floor, and it should also be noted that shallow scratches can also be repaired. Other forms of flooring also get damaged in high traffic areas—carpets can get stained and tile can break or chip—but these can be more costly to repair.

I love to cook and wood floors don’t belong in the kitchen

When looking at this myth, many people think that wood floors are not designed for the kitchen as it is a high traffic area as well as water wrecks the floor. Wood flooring can be used in high traffic areas as it is beautiful to look at and durable. Using a micro-fiber style cloth to clean the floor and not a traditional mop and bucket can allow the shine of the floor to last longer. Others are worried that water from the sink can create costly repairs to the floor. If this is a worry, there are some simple things to consider, such as a small throw carpet to absorb any water that may fall from doing the dishes. It may be enough just to wipe the water from the floor when you’ve completed the dishes instead of leaving it to soak into the floor.

Wood flooring in Paradise Valley is worth exploring for your home. For more information, click here.


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