May 10, 2021 | Wood Floor

Wood Flooring – Advantages, Styles, Types, & Cuts

Having a solid hardwood floor in your home provides a charm unmatched by other options. Not only does it look more natural and authentic than tile, laminate or carpeting, hardwood flooring also comes with a number of other appealing features. Whether your home is new or old, it’s always a good decision to install wood flooring in AZ.

Wood Flooring in AZ – Advantages

The aesthetic quality gives wood flooring in AZ a leg up on all the alternatives of flooring. A solid wood floor might fit in with your rustic motif and might be a hit when friends and family are over, but there are plenty of other reasons why wood flooring in AZ is the way to go.

  • Easy to Clean: While no one wants to deal with spilled drinks or materials on their floors, let’s face it: it’s bound to happen sooner or later. If your floor is laminate, fluids can cause the material to bubble and swell, tile chips and grout stains, and with carpet, it’s worse because of the possibility of permanent stains and the frustration of trying to clean it up. Cleaning solid wood flooring in AZ can be done quickly with no leftover traces.
  • Durability: For strength and longevity, nothing beats solid wood flooring in AZ. Solid wood floors are treated and finished to prevent checks and warps, and a well-installed wood floor in AZ can last for generations, raising the resale value of your house.
  • Sound: You may not be inclined to think about the sound difference that wood flooring in AZ makes, but compared to other materials, wood absorbs sound.

Wood Flooring in AZ – Styles

Wood flooring is typically available in two styles: site-finished and pre-finished. The difference between the two is where and how they are finished. Pre-finished wood flooring in AZ is already dried and finished, whereas site-finished wood flooring arrives raw and must be finished by yourself or a contractor. While this does take more time and effort, it also ensures that the measurements and installations can be done on site, with a much lower possibility of errors.

Wood Flooring in AZ – Types

Wood flooring in AZ comes in as many types as there are species of hardwood. Some examples include Mahogany, Maple, Cedar, Cypress, Beech, Poplar, Acacia, and exotic woods like Bamboo and Ebony, each with its own hue, grain, and character.

No matter which species you prefer, wood flooring in AZ is manufactured in two distinct categories: solid wood and engineered wood. Solid wood is made directly from lumber, whereas engineered wood comes cross-laminated multi-layered form with the top being the species you select. This provides increased flexibility and resistance to shifting.

Wood Flooring in AZ – Cuts

Wood flooring in AZ comes in different cuts, which accentuate its edge detail. Square cuts result in sharp corners on the lengthwise edge of each piece, which makes the seams between the pieces considerably less prominent. Beveled cuts add a slight rounding to the corners, resulting in noticeable creases that accentuate the seams for a more classic style.

Where to Find Wood Flooring in AZ

No matter what you need – finishing, recoating, repairs, or fresh installations – your Arizona home has choice, quality, and experience at its disposal with Blackhawk Floors.



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