Aug 27, 2020 | Wood Accent Wall

Wood Accent Walls – Color, Patterns, and Products

Using a wood accent wall brings texture and warmth into any home or business space. With a whole range of textures, colors, and design applications, wood accents walls can easily change the feel and look of your entire space.

Warming up your room with a wooden accent

Wood accent walls bring in a warm and natural atmosphere to any room, and they also add a design element that changes the look of our space in a relatively simple way. The texture draws attention to the home’s focal point and brings warmth into any room of our home or business space.

With a variety of color and color blends on the wood paneling, wood products, and in using reclaimed wood, personal preferences are easily satisfied. From brown blends to grey blends and everything in between, we will easily find a color to bring out the best in our room design. Wood accent walls can be used to camouflage a certain area, separate a room, or just add warmth where it’s needed. Providing the use of a relatively simple change, wood accent walls highlight texture and dimension in any space.

The difference changing the atmosphere can make

Using a wood accent wall can change the overall ambiance of our home by giving it that highlight or focus, and it brings in the connection between outdoors and indoors. Feelings from the earthy texture in the wood accent wall help to highlight our inherent connection to nature and create an environment for peace and calm.

Pattern choice for a wood accent wall can easily be applied, and this makes use of our personal preferences and design needs. From basic horizontal, herringbone, or diagonal patterns: each one lends itself to fitting what a room demands or what a design needs. A variety of wood, whether reclaimed or other wood products, helps us to create a wood accent wall of our dreams. Each wood product can be used in a variety of applications and patterns. From classic reclaimed wood applications to a more modern and eclectic look, each wood product we bring into our space will create a new feel and look to our homes or offices.

Unlocking the home of our dreams

Uncomplicated change can be achieved with the use of wood products when creating the wood accent wall that’s right for each of us. Changing the look of our homes, offices, or lobbies of our buildings, by creating a wood accent wall, displays our desire to make the space welcoming and inviting. Whether we are wanting to make a space more hospitable, to add a focal point, or hide a trouble spot, using the versatility of a wood accent wall brings a new expression for our families and guests alike to enjoy.

When adding a wood accent wall to our entryways, behind our beds in the bedroom, in the kitchen, or even in a lobby area, the project itself will determine what product we use and what color palette we go with. The layout of the wood we choose can be designed in a range of patterns and can be made adaptable by what product or resource we use. With a wood accent wall, we can change the entire look of our home by adding easy, stylish texture to enrich our spaces with minimal cost.

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