Mar 28, 2022 | Wood Floor

Why Wood Flooring is a Beautiful Alternative to Wall-to-Wall Carpeting?

What should you use for flooring? There are a few common floor coverings and most are quite lovely. Wood flooring is the less common choice due to budgetary restrictions for some, but that doesn’t mean wall-to-wall carpeting is the only alternative. Wood flooring is a beautiful choice, and it can be used in specific areas, rather than the whole home if you are budget conscious. Here is why wood flooring in Phoenix is something to consider.

No all wood flooring is the same

For a fine quality, warm floor, wood is a top choice. There are many options for wood flooring, and it is possible to have exactly what you want. Different types of wood, different colors, coatings and finishings mean that the wood floors are beautiful and can match any décor.

Wood flooring is easy to clean

Wood flooring is very easy to clean. It doesn’t like water, so it’s not necessary to do a thorough scrub of the floor. Just give it a sweeping, or vacuum and an occasional damp mop or spot clean. Wood flooring does not trap dust or allergens like a carpeting, so it is a good choice for those who are susceptible to allergies. However, wood flooring in Phoenix can be affected by the high humidity in the climate, which means keeping the floor dry and clean is a key aspect of maintaining it.

Wood flooring provides choice

Wood flooring is natural and can be an eco-friendly, sustainable choice. With the variety of wood species that are used for flooring, on top of all the stain colors available, you have a lot of choice in the look and feel of your floors. The right wood flooring can enrich the design of your home, add warmth and even be a conversation starter.

Wood flooring is great value for resale

Whether you are redoing your home for you, or plan to sell it someday, a wood floor increases the value of your home. The greater the quality of the wood flooring you select for your home, the better. It looks good with any furnishings, or decor style, and it does not go out of style. Well installed and cared for wood flooring in Phoenix can last a lifetime. Hardwood floors can be refinished now and again to change the feel of the home, restore original features or prolong the life of your floors.

Hardwood flooring is environmentally friendly

Wood flooring in Phoenix ( choices can be made from reclaimed wood, making it a very sustainable choice. This wood comes from demolished barns, or old houses, and repurposed to be a beautiful, aged and weathered floor with its own sense of history.

There are so many different options when you want to make hardwood flooring your choice. Find professional installers who can advise and help you make the most of these choices. Blackhawk Floors are the experts for wood flooring in Phoenix and they will help when you want the home of your dreams to be something special and something different.


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