Nov 25, 2020 | Reclaimed Wood Floor

Why is Reclaimed Wood Flooring Classy and Durable?


Reclaimed wood flooring. It is not only a gorgeous way to change your home’s look; it is also an environmentally friendly flooring choice as well. Not only that, but reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix manages to look classy while still being durable. So how does that happen? Let’s walk through what makes reclaimed wood flooring a fashionable choice, as well as a functional one.

Reclaimed Wood is Uniquely Beautiful

New wood flooring is largely chosen for its consistency. While every wood floor will have a unique look, complete with grains and knots that simply cannot be duplicated, reclaimed wood has a lot more character and history.

Reclaimed wood is essentially wood that is repurposed for flooring. It can come from previously used structures and other floors, it has within it years of character, and you can see that character in reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix.

Professional Reclaimed Wood Flooring Works for You

Reclaimed wood also has the benefit of being harvested in a time when the trees were harvested later, meaning they had a chance to grow tall and strong before harvest. The result: reclaimed wood flooring is stronger and more durable than new wood floors. This can hold true even when you compare reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix between the same species. This is yet another reason why people choose reclaimed wood: because it can give you a distinctive look but will also do so for much, much longer.

The Environmental Choice

While brand-new wood flooring is often a fantastic choice, for people who want to be a little more eco-conscious, reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix is the easy choice. After all, rather than felling trees to get beautiful wood flooring, reclaimed wood comes from pieces of lumber that have already been cut down. That means new growth has a chance to flourish and old growth can be reserved for other purposes. Whether you just love the look or want something that helps the environment, reclaimed wood is a sound choice.

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