Mar 30, 2022 | Hardwood Floor

Why is Hardwood Flooring an Ultimate Flooring Solution to Ensure Style, Elegance, and Durability?


There is something about a hardwood floor that gives a home a look of luxury. When looking for a new condo I always thought that hardwood was only found in large luxurious homes, however adding hardwood into any home seems to give style and elegance. How does adding hardwood flooring in AZ change the home? Let’s take a closer look…

The color of wood used makes a difference.

• Using reclaimed pine wood can change the appearance of a home. Even in a modern home full of elegance, adding a pine wood floor can add a sense of historical importance. The color of the pine and the uniqueness of the wood creates an atmosphere of timelessness that never goes out of style.

• The reddish-brown color of maple can create interesting contrasts in a modern home, especially when decorating with white and black accents. This contrast brings out the red in the maple and flares with dark and white. Maple is a great option for hardwood flooring in AZ when bold style is desired.

• Red oak is one of the most popular types of hardwood flooring in AZ. This red wood seems to go with every style of decoration. It has a smooth finish that accents both modern and vintage styles. Red oak is used more often in heavy traffic areas due to its durability.

• Many houses are using a neutral interior. A darker hardwood such as cherry or walnut adds a sleek almost black look to the floor. This contrast gives the room almost two distinct looks from the floor to the décor in the room.

Hardwood flooring in AZ – incredible value

When buying hardwood flooring in AZ, there is a myth that it is expensive and not durable. This myth needs to be laid to rest. Yes, flooring needs to be cleaned and repaired, and there is a cost. But the flooring is durable, depending on the style of wood that you place in your home.

When looking at the cost to repair and clean the flooring, many people don’t think about the cost of replacing and deep cleaning a carpet. Carpets often must be replaced on a regular basis, due to stains or rips. Many times, the entire carpet needs to be replaced as it is hard to match the color (which fades with time). On the other hand, hardwood is durable and can even withstand new puppies (depending on the wood). Ebony, cherry, oak and bamboo are some of the more durable choices. These hardwood floors are often found in high traffic areas where minor scratches and wear and tear are not noticed. Because that hardwood is installed in planks, they can be replaced plank by plank in the home if there is excessive damage. We have options for hardwood flooring such as repair, recoating and refinishing to ensure that your hardwood floor is maintained and lasts a long time.


Hardwood floors are not just for luxury homes. There is a hardwood floor to change the look of every home. The durability of the hardwood floor makes this an option for everyone even if you have kids and pets. For more information about hardwood flooring including purchasing, repairing, recoating, cleaning and replacing, click here.


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