Dec 7, 2022 | Wood Accent Wall

Why Creating Wood Accent Walls is a New Trend

It is a fact of traditional interior design, that most homes have painted drywall for the walls. Let’s face it. Drywall is cheaper and easy to put-up. But things are changing.

There are many reasons why wood accent walls are such a hot trend, when it comes to home and even business interior design and décor. Wood accent wall give a fresh but soft, comfortable, and traditional look that adds character to a room, (from rustic to contemporary.)

There are many choices of wood accent walls, and they are much more flexible and forgiving than conventional drywall.

Wood accent walls are so very different from the prehistoric days of flat and tacky wood paneling, that there really is no comparison. None. Wood accent walls allow people to personalize and customize a specific wall. The styles, the looks and the options are almost limitless.

Every wood type has different coloring, and there is a wide range of stains which can alter the color or the finish, to perfectly match the desired look of the room. For example, a glossy wood accent wall finish can provide a sleek, clean, and modern look, while a wood accent wall, with a more muted stain, creates a rustic space.

Unlike standard drywall, modern wood accent wall treatments have scratch, impact, stain, and fade resistance. The wood panels of wood accent walls stand-up better over time than conventional drywall.

And, when wall damage does happen, wood accent wall repairs are much less expensive and complicated than usual drywall repair. With a wood accent wall, a qualified installer removes and replaces the distressed panels. Much easier than puttying and sanding drywall dents in and trying to match the paint on the rest of the walls.

Like any other home décor feature, cost can be a factor. When it comes to wood accent walls, it can be simple or complicated, depending on the preferred design. Most wood accents are inexpensive. Some are not. Some are easy to install, while others can get tricky and time consuming.


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