May 13, 2022 | Reclaimed Wood Floor

Why Choose Reclaimed Wood Over Newly-Sourced Wood for Flooring?


Today, people have more access to different looks for their flooring than ever before. One such option is reclaimed wood floors. These floors use wood that was originally used for another purpose, such as building materials. Great reclaimed wood flooring experts take that wood, and its past, and incorporate that into a beautiful new floor that’s steeped in history. Reclaimed wood flooring in Arizona is particularly popular because it thrives in the dry climate.

Climate isn’t the only reason why to use reclaimed wood, however. Here are a few reasons why people are choosing reclaimed wood flooring in Arizona over newly-sourced wood.

1. It’s Better for the Environment

New virgin lumber is getting more and more difficult to source. This is because strong, hardy trees that make great, durable flooring takes decades if not hundreds of years to grow. As demand goes up, more and more forests are clear cut to meet demand. Reclaimed wood, by contrast, has already been harvested and prepared for use. It takes less energy overall to process and, perhaps more importantly, saves from having to cut down fresh trees.

2. Have Floors with a Story

The main draw for many people using reclaimed wood flooring in Arizona is the look. Because these floors are made from wood that has already been used elsewhere, it benefits from the years of service it has already put in. That means your floors will be wholly unique, full of color and have the feel that only comes from wood that has a prior story.

3. They Can Be Stronger

Many people who are considering reclaimed wood flooring worry about using old wood. After all, wouldn’t it be less durable compared to brand new floors? Most people are surprised to learn that reclaimed wood flooring can actually be tougher.

The reason for this is the age of the wood itself. Older wood was often harvested from forests that had time to grow strong trees compared to the younger forests that are the primary source of new flooring today. Those trees were often simply stronger and more durable because of their age, which translates into stronger, more durable floors.

4. You Can Add Value to Your Home or Space

Finally, reclaimed wood flooring can actually be a substantial investment in the value of your home or property. By investing in beautiful, durable and unique-looking flooring, you can often get a higher return on investment over other kinds of flooring. If you want to have a better chance of improving the value of your home, then reclaimed wood flooring in Arizona may be the right choice.

Where to Find Reclaimed Wood Flooring in Arizona

If you are looking for high quality reclaimed wood flooring in Arizona then be sure to check out our wide selection here at Blackhawk Floors. We source our floors from the best reclaimed wood suppliers around, ensuring that every piece we install is beautiful, strong and better for the environment. Contact us today to learn more about the flooring we can install in your space.


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