Jan 18, 2021 | Reclaimed Wood Floor

Why are Reclaimed Wood Floors a Sound Investment?


Building a new home or renovating an old home will often mean that you will be taking a look at your floors and deciding what to do with them; will you be installing hardwood, carpet, concrete, or some other material? Obviously, if it’s a basement you are renovating, you will be using concrete as the base for the floor if it needs resurfaced, but you may decide to finish it with something on top, like hardwood. If ultimately you do choose hardwood for your flooring, no matter which floor of the home it is on, you may want to consider the use of reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix for its environmentally friendly footprint and distinctive look.

Environmentally Friendly Material

There are many flooring materials in the world, and each has its own level of carbon footprint. Types of flooring that use plastics or other man-made materials generally have a high cost in terms of energy usage to create those materials into usable flooring. In addition, many chemicals are required to stabilize them for long term usage. Wood is one of the most environmentally friendly materials, and it is 15x more insulative than concrete. While wood does require the cutting down of forests, more and more sourced wood is coming from certified sustainable forests, meaning they are being properly replanted and re-harvested in 20- to 40-year cycles to ensure a majority of our forests can remain untouched eventually. If you want hardwood floors, and don’t want to contribute to the cutting down of forests, then reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix is your best bet.

Reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix is a great material to use; it is taken from older buildings during renovations, or demolitions, cleaned up, resurfaced, and made ready to use in new installations, reducing waste and making it an environmentally friendly material.

Recycling Materials That Are Still Useable

Reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix, having been reclaimed from buildings, means that it is a recycled material; it is still perfectly usable as hardwood flooring. While reclaimed wood does have nails, scratches, nicks, and cracks, all of these things are dealt with in its reclamation and reprocessing in order to make quality hardwood flooring. Not all the defects are often removed from reclaimed wood when used as hardwood flooring, so that gives your new floor some character, showing off its long life while it serves as your new floor for many years to come.

Healthy Living Material

Reclaimed wood flooring is also a great material to use because it is a healthy material to use in your home. Many other flooring types need harsh chemicals in order to keep them clean, while hardwood floors don’t need such hard chemicals to keep their amazing look. As well, hardwood floors won’t trap smells, allergens, or other pollutants as easily as something like carpet will. Even the subfloor for hardwood flooring, if chosen properly, can be easier on your legs and joints.

Variety of Hardwood Options Available

A variety of hardwoods have been used for hardwood flooring in the last several centuries, which means, when you install reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix, you are likely to have a wide variety of options to choose from. Whether you want oak, beech, cedar, cherry, chestnut, heart cypress, spruce, etc. you will be able to find something you like. As well, the reclaimed wood comes in a variety of grades, so you have even more options that can be adjusted to your budget.

If you are looking for quality reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix and want it installed by trained professionals, contact Blackhawk Floors, Inc. today for a quote.


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