Jun 17, 2022 | Wood Floor

When to Replace or Refinish Wood Floors

Wooden floors offer a beautiful and unique touch to almost any space. Many of them are easy to maintain as well, making them ideal for many households. That said, wood floors do need some love, and it’s important to know when they need refinished versus replaced entirely. Here are a few signs that it’s time to replace or refinish your floors, and who to call for help with wood floors in Phoenix.

1. Lots of scratches

If your floor is visibly scratched up, then it’s likely time for a refinish. Scratches are often quite shallow, meaning a professional refinishing can make them disappear and return your wood floors to their original glory. That said, deeper scratches may be impossible to remove entirely. In those instances, you may want to consider replacing your floors outright to keep your space looking its best.

2. Splintering

If your wood floors have started to splinter, then it’s time to replace them. Splintering is a sign that the floors have deteriorated and can pose a safety risk to anyone in the house. This includes children and pets, who can hurt themselves easily on splinters.

3. You’ve already refinished them multiple times

Refinishing floors takes a small layer of the floor surface away. This is a relatively minor amount but can add up over time, meaning that wooden floors only have a limited number of times that they can be refinished. If your floors have been refinished multiple times, you may need to replace them. Talk to a wood floor professional to see if it’s time to replace them instead of refinishing.

4. Noticeable discoloration

Wood floors change color over time. This is especially true for wood floors in Phoenix, where the constant sun can deepen the color of the wood. In fact, older wood floors can often have a richer color from soaking in the sun, but only if they are properly maintained.

Unfortunately, time and those same sunny rays can have the opposite effect on wooden floors as well, leading to discoloration. In these instances, you will likely need the floors refinished or, in extreme cases, replaced entirely.

5. You want something new

While all the previous reasons are valid, one of the most popular reasons for getting new wood floors in Phoenix is simply the desire for something new. Getting brand new floors can be much more affordable than you may think, and the team here at Blackhawk Floors can help you pick the right floors, complete the installation, and even come by to refinish them in the future.

Who to call for wood floors in Phoenix

No matter your reason for wanting to replace or refinish your wood floors in Phoenix, Blackhawk Floors is here to help. Our team of dedicated flooring experts can help you at every step of wood floor ownership, from the initial purchase and installation to helping with the maintenance and refinishing. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get the wood floors you want.


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