Mar 25, 2021 | Hardwood Floor

When is the Right Time to Refinish Your Hardwood Floor?


Hardwood floors are a much-loved addition to any home. From modern to farmhouse, hardwood flooring can bring together any style. Wood flooring is known for its durability, but that does not mean it will stay in tip top shape forever. Fortunately for homeowners, wood flooring can be refinished to rejuvenate the hardwood and help you get your lustrous flooring back. “How do I know it is time to get in touch with hardwood refinishers near me?”

General Rule of Thumb on Timing

For most hardwood flooring, it is recommended that you refinish it every seven to ten years; however, the thickness of the planks impacts how often you should be refinishing it. When it comes to hardwood planks that are on the thinner side, let’s say around a quarter inch thick, refinishing it too soon can do more harm than good. If you are unsure about your hardwood’s thickness or lifespan, a good option is to search for hardwood flooring refinishers near me and ask for assistance.

Tired and Faded Boards

The appearance of a newly installed or refinished hardwood floor is breathtaking. The deep stain, the glossy luster, the smoothness of the uniform floor – all characteristics of high-quality hardwood. Unfortunately, even the best hardwood flooring can fall victim to intense sunlight exposure. Concentrated UV rays can result in fading and even discoloration. The good news is that refinishing will bring your hardwood back to life! When you search for hardwood flooring refinishers near me, you will be able to explore different projects and see just how far refinishing can take your floors.

Wear and Tear

Busy households with children running from room to room and pets with nails that drag across the boards are prone to dents and scratches here and there. Hardwood flooring is tough, but it is not invincible. Over time, dents will begin to appear on your hardwood floor, and while a small scratch is not a cause for concern, large scratches and deep dents are only going to get worse. If you notice your hardwood is looking a little worse for wear, it might be time to refinish with the help of hardwood flooring refinishers near me.

Replacing the Finish

The finish used on your hardwood flooring isn’t only for appearance. Wood finisher also protects the hardwood planks from damage. The finish used on hardwood flooring can be worn away with time. Once this finish is done, your flooring is susceptible to water damage and warped boards. If the finishing on your flooring appears to be at the end of its life, you know it is time to start searching for hardwood flooring refinishers.

Refinishing Made Simple

“I’m ready to refinish my floors, but how do I find a hardwood flooring refinisher near me?” Refinishing your hardwood flooring does not need to be a complicated process. At Blackhawk Floors, we want to help you get the most life out of your hardwood. Our team has the experts you need when it comes to refinishing, bringing the experience of nearly 20 years and over 2700 completed projects to date. With our team by your side, your hardwood floor will be brought back to its best form.


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