Sep 23, 2020 | Wood Floor

What are the Environmental Benefits of Wood Floors?

These days, it is important to be conscious of our impact on the environment, especially if we want to preserve our planet’s resources for future generations. While great strides have already been made by many to be more environmentally conscious around the world, it is still important for everybody to do their part individually. By buying wood floors in Scottsdale for your home, you can help contribute towards saving the environment while improving your home at the save time! In case you are unaware of the environmental benefits of wood floors, this blog will explain!

Wood Floors Are Sustainable

One of the biggest environmental benefits of buying wood floors in Scottsdale for your home is that wood flooring lasts a lot longer than flooring made out of other materials. For example, floors made out of vinyl or other materials have a relatively short lifespan before they need to be replaced, properly maintained wood floors in Scottsdale can last as long as 100 years without needing to be replaced!

This is especially impressive when we consider that it takes only 40-60 years for hardwood trees to fully mature. That means that, if you properly maintain your wood floors in Scottsdale, then by the time they need to be replaced (which will probably be by someone else other than you), more trees will already have grown where the old ones were cut down!

Wood Floors are Carbon Neutral Too

Another benefit of using wood floors in Scottsdale for your home is that wood flooring, as well as any other wood products that you own, actually store carbon in it over the course of its lifespan.

This means that, for the entire 100 years that your wood floors in Scottsdale may potentially last before needing to be replaced, they will also be storing carbon the entire time, which helps protect the environment in a big way.

They’re Even Recyclable

Wood floors in Scottsdale can be installed from recycled wood or when removed, recycled. That is a truly sustainable product. Reclaimed wood floors are recycled from wood used from a variety of sources, for example, barn wood from old barns, trestles from the Great Salt Lake. Even if the wood floors in Scottsdale that you installed do not last as long as they have the potential to, that’s not a bad thing. One of the great environmental benefits of wood flooring is that, in addition to its long lifespan and carbon neutrality, it can be recycled. Click here to learn more.


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