Feb 24, 2021 | Wood Floor

What are the Easy Ways to Clean Your Wood Flooring?

Choosing wood flooring in Phoenix is a great move for your home! Wood floors are a simple and durable addition to any room! But as fantastic as they are, they’re still subject to all of the daily traffic of our busy lives, plus the accumulations of dirt, grime, spills, skids, and slides that come with them. They have to be able to tolerate all of our kids’ toys wheeling across the floor, and our pets’ nails scratching across them when they play. They have to manage every time we shift furniture around or slide out a chair at the dining table. However, durability doesn’t mean invincibility, and just like with everything else in your home, taking proper care of your floor is important to keeping it looking its best and lasting as long as it can!

Regular Cleanup

Everyone’s familiar with brooms. It’s pretty simple to just do a quick tidy of any messy room and then do a sweep to clear the room of dirt, debris, pet hair, etc. But for the best results on wood flooring in Phoenix, consider using a dry mop that has a microfiber head. These are specifically designed to pick up and trap dust and dirt, which can get into every crack, cranny, or groove. If you have a vacuum with a floor-brush attachment, using those on your floors can also be a great weekly addition to your cleaning routines. Regularly cleaning your flooring up will help prevent scratches or other damage.

Wood Cleaners

It’s a good idea to clean your floors with a bit more than just sweeping with a dry mop. Wood flooring will show the best results if you use a cleaning solution. Stay away from “all purpose” and cleaners for vinyl or tile as they might damage your floor’s finish or create adhesion issues should you need a recoat. When possible, refer to your manufacturer’s recommendations for a cleaning product. Also, keep in mind that these are chemicals, and your kids and pets are on these floors all day, so pay attention to any toxicities, dry-times, or buy a product that is certified as safe for your family.

Deep Clean

Sometimes, it’s best to consult the professionals to make sure the job gets done. Having your floors refinished or replaced can be prohibitively expensive, so taking care of the floors you have is a much more affordable option! Consulting with a local contractor about your wood flooring in Phoenix will ensure that your home gets a professional treatment with the best equipment for getting into every groove. Dirt and grime gets into spaces in your flooring that you won’t be able to get into with even the most detailed cleaning routines. Professionals will also be able to give you the best advice for caring for your floors so you can keep it looking shiny and clean long after they leave! Click here to learn more.



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