Jun 24, 2022 | Hardwood Floor

Ways You Can Save Money on Hardwood Floor Installation


Hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix requires attention to detail. When the installation is not completed properly it can be disastrous, leaving you feeling disappointed and with an expensive do-over required. There are four ways you can save money on hardwood floor installation while getting the quality service and products you need.

Choose an Engineered Hardwood Floor

Engineered hardwood flooring is a great option to save money when you are having hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix. This floor will give the look and benefit of solid wood, but for less money. Blackhawk Floors has custom made engineered wood flooring. You can choose the finish, color and grade you prefer. This flooring can be distressed or hand scrapped for depth and texture. Choosing engineered flooring is not compromising, it’s a smart purchase.

Budget the Hardwood Flooring Installation in Phoenix

Like any renovation project, it is important to budget properly. Not only for the cost of the flooring, but also the installation processes. Many renovation projects become budget overrun because that the costs rise as the project goes on. Budgeting extra time, managing logistics and including a contingency fund is important. When completing hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix, the longer the project goes the more money it will cost. If the installer does not measure properly or mis-cuts the flooring, there may be additional costs. If some of this is already budgeted in, then you will be saving money. To avoid issues like this, simply choose Blackhawk Floors. Our professional installers complete the project on time and on budget.

Moisture Can Wreck the Flooring Being Installed

There is nothing more frustrating then working on hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix and the new flooring does not stay down. When the flooring does not seem to have the proper adhesiveness to the subfloor and the boards appear warped or even pop off, this could be from water damage. If the installer does not test the subfloor prior to the installation, there may be water damage, which then will damage the new flooring. Make sure you hire a professional installer who knows to check the subflooring.

Do the Prework Yourself

Hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix should be completed by a professional but there are some things that you should be doing prior to the installer coming to complete the project. The first is move the furniture yourself; doing this yourself may cost some beers and pizza for friends versus extra money for the installers to complete. If you are replacing carpet with flooring, remove and dispose of the carpet on your own. This will save time and money when the installers come.

There are some old sayings for renovations that hold true when completing hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix. For example,” measure twice, cut once and buy cheap, buy twice.” Don’t try and save money by buying cheap hardwood from a box store and installing it yourself. In the end you may end up paying more to repair or replace the flooring. For more information about hardwood flooring and professional installation click here.


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