Mar 31, 2022 | Wood Accent Wall

Tips for Installing a Wood Accent Wall

A well-placed and perfectly installed wood accent wall can add beauty, warmth, and interest to any space. The rich textures of wood lend a natural element that is incredibly appealing. Since wood can be stained, painted, or left natural, the design options are endless. Finding the right style of accent wall and then installing it perfectly can be tricky, though.

Choosing the Perfect Wood Accent Wall

A wood accent wall is a great way to add some visual interest into your space. The first step is to choose whether you are looking for a rustic or modern feel for your accent wall. There are many different design options to choose from. Always consider wood type, paint or stain colors, and design patterns.

There are a variety of wood types that you can use to achieve the perfect look. Reclaimed wood, maple, birch, oak, and walnut all are good choices. These types of woods can all be stained, painted, or left with a natural look. In some accent wall designs, select panels are painted or stained to add a pop of color.

Wood accent walls often also use different angles to create interest. Wood cut and installed to create chevrons, starbursts, or unique geometric designs are all popular choices. Look to design magazines and online images for inspiration.

Measuring, Cutting, and Installing

Once you have decided on the style and design of your wood accent wall, it is time to start preparing for installation. Depending on your design, you may need to paint or stain your wood pieces before installation.

When your wood is ready, carefully measure your wall and figure out the wood cuts that will be required. Always double-check your measurements and calculations before cutting any of your wood pieces. If you are creating a more intricate design like a herringbone, chevron, or other geometrical shape, you must be extremely accurate in your cuts. Any angles that are slightly off will be very noticeable in the final product.

Installing a wood accent wall usually requires both wood glue and nails. Carefully use a level and measure as you go to make sure that each piece is perfectly placed. After all of the pieces have been installed, you may need to fill nail holes, touch up paint, or fix some areas.

Hiring a Professional

While installing a wood accent wall is a good do-it-yourself project for people who are experienced with woodworking, most people will be happier with the results if they hire a professional to complete the job. Experienced craftsmen are able to create beautiful results in a much faster timeframe and save you the headaches.

When you work with a company like Blackhawk Floors, you will have the benefit of over 20 years of experience, a team of artisan craftsmen, and expert design advice. Our team is committed to superior workmanship and are proud to create gorgeous wood accent walls for our clients. Our team understands design, wood, and the importance of creating a beautiful space.


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