Dec 2, 2021 | Wood Accent Wall

Tips for Choosing a Wood Accent Wall: Adding Glamor to Your Bedroom

More time spent reflecting at home over the last two years has caused an increase in home reno projects. While kitchen and bathroom projects tend to require a heavier financial investment, bedroom projects are much more pocket-book friendly. Even better, by enhancing the bedroom’s vibe, R & R quality is elevated, making way for more energized days. What’s not to love about a small project that enhances your dreamy nights and productive days? Design experts across the country are turning to wood accent wall projects for the bedroom that make a big impact and take little time.

Not sure where to start? Look for inspiration in your favorite bedding, furniture, throw pillows, or blankets. Focus on color, pattern, and texture. From there, the world is your oyster. In the meantime, here are a few wood accent wall trends that might spark your creativity.

Realize the rustic appeal

Achieving a cozy cottage vibe is easy with a wood accent wall that features wood paneling. There’s a comforting beauty in the simplicity of rustic wood materials, such as large slabs of exposed-grain lumber, rough cut wood, reclaimed barnwood, or any other texture you love. If you’ve found a treasure of old wood you’ll reuse, our professional craftsmen at Blackhawk Floors can assist with any refinishing, reclaiming, or recoating services you desire. If you’re looking for new or engineered products that still lend that rustic vibe, our experts can guide you to the ideal product and will take care of the professional installation.

The pleasure in paneling

Even the simplest wood accent wall project can deliver a pleasing texture and architectural appeal through artful paneling details. Minimalists are sure to appreciate the nostalgic simplicity in traditional rail-and-stile wainscoting or tone-on-tone accent walls that keep things calm. There’s a balance of subtlety and sophistication in paneling that works perfectly as a bedroom accent, letting the bed take center stage while maintaining a timeless beauty.

Mix it up

Wood accent walls lend a comforting warmth to the bedroom, especially when they incorporate varied wood tones, textures, or patterns. At Blackhawk Floors, our professionally trained craftsmen are happy to assist in all aspects of creating any wood accent wall, including lending our expert eye to selecting a design and materials that meet your personalized style. We can take on the labor-intensive refinishing, recoating, and installation. We’re also skilled in innovative techniques, such as charring the wood in its organic state, adding interesting architectural trim to frame a space out, or creating unique geometric shiplap patterns for your accent wall.


Especially for our urban dwellers or for those working with a smaller square footage, Blackhawk Floors appreciates the importance of creating multifunctional design elements. Why not create a wood accent wall project that brings a comforting texture, like vertical-slat accents finished in the color you’re dreaming of, or maybe by creating a shelf for books and other accessories?

At Blackhawk Floors, we love sharing our passion for creating amazing spaces in the home with everyone we talk to. We welcome your questions and we’re happy to help you come up with a project plan that creates the bedroom of your dreams. We’ve been proud leaders in wood wall coverings and flooring in Phoenix for more than 20 years, and we’re here to help with any reclaimed wood, hardwood, or engineered hardwood installation, refinishing, recoating, deep cleaning, repairs, and inspections.


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