Aug 28, 2020 | Reclaimed Wood Floor

Three Reasons Why Reclaimed Wood Flooring is a Great Choice


Reclaimed wood flooring is Phoenix’s hottest new design element. Reclaimed wood is a highly sought-after material used in many beautiful design applications. It isn’t made but is rather salvaged from old construction.
Many more structures were made of wood in the past than they are now. Old barns are the most recognizable sources of reclaimed wood, but reclaimed wood can also be salvaged from other, sometimes surprising, sources. Old factories, coal mines, ships, and even wine barrels and pickling vats have been reclaimed and turned into beautiful, reclaimed wood flooring for Phoenix construction and renovation projects.

Wood that is removed from old structures and reused in new ways in modern design, is beautiful, eco-friendly, and strong. What makes reclaimed wood flooring a Phoenix must-have?

1) Reclaimed Wood is Beautiful

Using reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix design adds a unique and timeless feel to any room. The richness of the wood holds a sense of history that adds mystery and is a great conversation piece. The weathered finish is simply beautiful.

Many sources of reclaimed wood used trees that were commonplace a hundred years ago, but are interesting and rare now. We can no longer cut down exotic or endangered trees for use in building materials, but reclaimed wood is available in many of these types of wood. The aged, weathered look of reclaimed wood adds a beautiful element that is not contrived. Using reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix adds a distinctive beauty to any room.

2) Smart Eco-Friendly Choice

Using reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix is an environmentally sound choice for building material. The process of forest harvesting and milling of new lumber uses a lot of fossil fuels. Once the trees are cut down, the new plantings take decades to regrow. Reusing reclaimed wood for modern construction saves both energy and trees that are required to make new building materials.

In addition to the fossil fuels and trees saved in the manufacturing of new wood products, reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix saves old wood from being disposed of. Even though wood is a natural, biodegradable product, it takes more than a decade to break down in a landfill.

3) Great Building Material

Old wooden construction was made of trees that came from old-growth forests. These old-growth trees are much stronger and harder than the virgin new growth trees that most modern lumber is made from. Reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix is a strong and long-lasting flooring material.

A much sought-after reclaimed wood comes from the Longleaf pine tree that takes 500 years to mature and is hard and strong. Longleaf pine is now considered endangered. By reclaiming Longleaf pine wood from old structures, we can utilize its strength and durability once again. Using reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix design is a strong and durable choice that will last for decades.

Reclaimed wood is a beautiful design element that reimagines standard hardwood flooring options. The beauty of reclaimed wood cannot be matched. By saving energy in manufacturing as well as reducing landfill, reclaimed wood flooring makes a significant impact on the environmental footprints of construction and renovation projects. Using reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix projects is a long-lasting, beautiful, and smart choice. Visit our website to learn more.


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