Dec 4, 2021 | Hardwood Floor

Things that Might Be Harming Your Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood floors are warm and beautiful, and having them in your dream home is much easier to manage than you think! Now that you have them, you want to use them—without damaging them. Of course, you want them to be protected and pampered, so here are some things to be careful with so that you can clean them, walk on them, and place things on your hardwood flooring in Chandler AZ without causing any damage.

Furniture Placement

One very important thing that you can do for your floor is to be careful when placing furniture. Furniture moves and scratches the hardwood, but it can’t do damage if furniture pads are put underneath the legs. Be sure to put pads beneath the legs of tables, sofas, and any chairs that are sitting right on the hardwood floor so you don’t end up with any scuffs or scratches.

Pets, Mats, and Heels

Choose rugs or mats for the flooring that are easy to clean and dry so the floor stays dry underneath them. Pets can also do damage to the hardwood flooring. Pet stains will ruin the floor if they aren’t noticed quickly. As well, it is important to trim your dog’s and cat’s claws. Their claws can scratch the hardwood flooring, so be sure to put a rug or mat in areas they might use frequently.

Always have a mat near any doors. You cannot always control the outdoor conditions, or what dirt comes in from outside, but it can be collected and cleaned with the help of a mat. Mats give a place for the dirt to go and a much easier way of cleaning it away. Muddy, wet shoes bring in hard scratchy dirt, and it is better to keep all that grit in one place and off the hardwood Flooring.

Ask everyone who comes in to remove their shoes before walking on the floor. High heels can dent, scratch, or damage the floor, and other shoes that are worn outside will also scratch and track dirt through the house. Like mats, have a few pairs of slippers by the door so that people coming in can put them on.

Cleaning your hardwood flooring in Chandler AZ

Keep the floor clean by sweeping it regularly with a soft broom to get up the particles of dirt and dust. Use a broom with angled bristles that won’t spread the dirt around. Mop it, too, but don’t let water stand on the floor. There are other things in your dream house that might leak water, such as dishwashers, drinks, houseplants, windows, and sinks. Be aware and be sure to mop up any excess water. It is better to use just a soft, dry cloth, a broom, and water for cleaning the hardwood instead of using chemical cleaning products, but if you do want more, it is important to be sure you have a good product. Don’t use vinegar or acids. Over time, they will dull the finish, and soaps and waxes can leave a residue.

In addition to these tips and suggestions, there are ways to keep the floors like new by hiring professional services. Click here for more information on how to take care of hardwood flooring in Chandler AZ.


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