Feb 12, 2022 | Reclaimed Wood Floor

The Pros and Cons of Reclaimed Wood Flooring in Phoenix


Reclaimed wood has been an emerging trend in recent years and can be used in all kinds of projects, from minor accent pieces to fully re-flooring your home. Rooms with reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix will entice a sense of story in your floor and walls. It will make it feel like history. Sounds cool, right? But is it right for you and your space? Let’s make a list!

Some of the Pros

• Appearance – As mentioned, reclaimed wood flooring has a distinct worn look that brings feelings of comfort, familiarity, and warmth to your room. It’s available in all kinds of finishes and colors as well, and every single piece is unique.

• Environmental Impact – With many people and businesses actively trying to reduce their carbon footprint, reclaimed wood offers a great choice of materials. Choosing reclaimed wood flooring means we can avoid all of the damage that the lumber industry (and the resulting deforestation) has to cause to produce new-milled and treated lumber.

• Strong and Durable – As with any wood project, warping is always something to keep in mind. But it’s much less of a concern with reclaimed wood flooring! Reclaimed wood went through its previous treatments and has likely had decades to dry out. Older, treated wood like this is extremely unlikely to warp!

• History – Reclaimed wood flooring has personality and tells a story. It has a character that’s literally been time-tested. It’s already been there and done that. There’s an almost intangible feeling of contentment that comes from reclaimed wood.

Some of the Cons

• Unique Pieces – I know I also mentioned the uniqueness of each piece as a positive above, but the unique pieces mean matching pieces together can be a problem. Depending on your dealer, finding pieces that work together might not be as simple as you’d hope, and it gets even more difficult for a repair job or replacement panel since there is never a perfect copy.

• Supply – Reclaimed wood flooring is definitely limited in supply. There are only so many tired old structures and railroads being dismantled. It’s a very finite resource. This might lead to a limited selection of wood types or other shortages.

• Demand – The low supply but growing consumer enthusiasm for reclaimed wood products has definitely affected material costs, and you’ll definitely notice when you get the bill. High demand drives the prices up, so you may see higher costs on your project when you choose to use reclaimed wood.

• Product Contamination – Along with reclaimed wood’s history comes a real mystery. You often don’t know where your specific reclaimed wood flooring panels came from. Some suppliers warn of the potential for pest issues if the wood is not properly treated and cleaned after being reclaimed.

Finding the right reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix

With reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix (https://blackhawkfloors.com/reclaimed-wood-flooring-phoenix/), though, sometimes the cons make for unique elements that give your flooring or accent wall the perfect touch. It might be the perfect choice for your space! When you’re making a decision like this about your flooring, talk to a professional about what works best for you.


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