Reclaimed Wood Flooring in Arizona

Wondering why more and more homeowners are investing in reclaimed wood flooring? From cost-savings to environmental reasons, there’s a lot to love about reclaimed, or recycled, wood floors. For more than 20 years, Blackhawk Floors has been the name to trust for reclaimed wood flooring in Arizona. We help you get that unmistakable luxury look of reclaimed wood floors for less, adding both value and character to your home.

What is reclaimed wood flooring?

Hardwood floors are one of the most sought-after amenities in homes throughout Arizona and beyond. While you could invest in brand-new hardwood floors using new wood, more and more homeowners are choosing to use recycled hardwood flooring, also called reclaimed hardwood flooring.

Reclaimed hardwood floors feature wood that’s been recycled from other buildings. The wood is cleaned and milled to be used in new projects, providing not only a rich, rustic feel, but also a unique history and character that can’t be imitated. In addition, reclaimed wood is ideal for sustainable building and remodeling projects, making it an environmentally friendly option. The flooring experts at Blackhawk Floors work with you to find the reclaimed wood that fits your style and budget, so you can add this unmistakable character to any room of your home!

The unique benefits of reclaimed wood

Wondering if reclaimed wood flooring is the best option for your home? It offers so many distinct benefits, especially when installed by the experts at Blackhawk Floors. Here are just some of the advantages of reclaimed wood:

  • Reduced cost. In almost every case, reclaimed or recycled wood is much cheaper than new wood, especially if that new wood has to be milled, marked and stained to give it that aged look everyone loves. With recycled wood floors, you get durable, authentic and attractive floors at a fraction of the price—it’s a win-win!
  • Incredible appearance. Reclaimed wood floors have an unmistakable beauty that features a naturally aged look. Your new floors will have a unique character all their own—the kind of character that only comes with years of use. There’s always something to be said for the antique look of recycled hardwood floors. They truly have a beauty all their own.
  • Unmatched durability. One of the exciting ways reclaimed wood is different from new hardwood is that it’s decades old and often comes from old-growth trees with tight grain. That means reclaimed wood is often denser and more durable than new wood. Most wood produced today is harvested from young trees that have been planted specifically for this purpose, which means the trees are often cut down before they really hit their prime quality. With reclaimed wood, you get floors that are more durable and last much longer.
  • Reduced deforestation. New wood floors require wood that’s been cut from young trees. When you choose recycled wood over new wood, you reduce the number of trees that must be cut down and removed. It’s much better for the environment, not to mention your wallet.
  • Reduced waste. When you use recycled wood rather than new wood for your floors, you prevent that wood from going to a landfill where it will decay. There are so many innovative methods for rejuvenating reclaimed wood, extending its lifespan while eliminating the need to produce new flooring products.

Invest in the beauty of reclaimed wood floors

Ready to bring the charm and elegance of reclaimed wood floors to your home? Blackhawk Floors is the only name to call. For more than two decades, we’ve helped Arizona homeowners add beauty and value to their properties with unique reclaimed wood floors of the highest quality. Reach out to us today to schedule your consultation!

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