Aug 29, 2020 | Wood Floor

Reasons to Have Your Wood Floor Refinished

Is your wood floor looking tired? Has the color worn down, or perhaps it just doesn’t quite fit with your style anymore? Wooden flooring is a desirable feature in any home or commercial building, but those wood floorboards require some extra care. Even with regular cleaning, wooden floors fade over time and can lose the luster that caught your eye in the first place. Instead of ripping out the floor during a renovation, why not refinish it instead? Wooden floor refinish can transform a room and make you fall in love with your flooring all over again.

Maintaining a Strong Foundation

Your wood flooring puts up with plenty of wear and tear. From everyday foot traffic to claws from furry friends scuffing up its surface, wooden floors can take a beat down! Think of how much activity your floor sees in a single day. Now imagine how all that foot traffic and moving furniture around impacts your floor over time. Wooden flooring is an investment for any home or business owner, and you are going to want to protect that investment. Wooden floor refinish can bring your wood back to life, and also prevent irreversible damage in the long run.

Keeping up with Appearances

Changing the color scheme in your home or remodeling your business and the flooring just doesn’t fit anymore? Wooden floor refinish can update your flooring to the latest style and maintain a cohesive look. Wooden floor never goes out of style, but the finish certainly does! If you are looking for a new look, refinishing your wood floor is an excellent project that will completely transform any room.

Affordable Renovation

Refinishing your hardwood floors lets you hold on to the original flooring while giving it a much-needed pick-me-up. Wooden floor refinish is a great affordable alternative compared to tearing up and completely replacing your flooring. Reinstalling a new floor can be costly and take a good chunk of time to see the project through. Opting to refinish a wood floor instead is a more affordable option with less impact on a building, and you still get the refreshing look you were after. You would be surprised at how your floor can transform after being refinished!

Refresh your Wooden Floors

Ready to update your wooden flooring? Refinishing your wood floors will invigorate your space and give your home or business an updated look. At blackhawk floors, inc., we take pride in bringing wooden floors back to life with high-quality wooden floor refinish. We’ve been in the industry for over 20 years, and we have overseen over 2,700 flooring projects, all with outstanding results. Using the Bona Atomic Dust Containment System, we prevent the typical mess of dust that comes with refinishing and reduce the amount of airborne dust created in the refinishing process. If you are ready to refresh your wooden floors, then it is time to give our team a call. Click here to learn more.


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