Sep 17, 2022 | Hardwood Floor

Make Your Old Floors Look New Again with Hardwood Flooring Refinishing


Hardwood floors can look sleek, clean, beautiful, and even dazzling. But time, wear and tear, and the Arizona climate eventually takes their toll. Sometimes, the hardwood floors don’t look as sleek, clean, beautiful or dazzling.

A unique advantage of hardwood floors is that they can last a lifetime. The facts are that a lifetime of beauty and enjoyment doesn’t happen without a little bit of work. Daily cleaning and polishing floors every few months are excellent ways to keep hardwood floors looking fresh, but there will come a time—-hopefully later not sooner—to refinish hardwood floors.

As hardwood flooring refinishers near me point out, water or humidity damage, major scratches, dents or gouges, fading and discoloration from the sun, impossible to remove stains and other symptoms are warning signs to refinish the hardwood floor.

Skilled and professional hardwood flooring refinishers near me use expertise, products, and tools to work magic on faded or damaged hardwood floors. Refinishing hardwood floors is like giving the hardwood a reset.

It is important that hardwood flooring refinishers near me are quality and experience, and that they understand how the Arizona climate affects floors. Hardwood flooring refinishers near me not only restore floors with a wooden floor refinish but rejuvenate hardwood floors and keep them looking beautiful, even in Arizona’s dry heat.

Professionally refinishing floors is also an excellent option for changing the color of hardwood floors. While most refinishing jobs simply remove and replace a floor’s existing finish, refinishing can also remove a floor’s existing stain to capture the look of the original hardwood floor. Once a floor’s stain is removed, the floors can be refinished by hardwood flooring refinishers near me, using a variety of different types of products, depending on a person’s preference of color, sheen, and even feel.

Hardwood flooring refinishers near me explain that the topmost layer of a hardwood plank is the finish. It’s a defensive barrier that protects the actual wood from damage. When a hardwood floor is refinished, hardwood flooring refinishers near me put down a new layer of finish. During the sanding process, damage like minor scratches and dents can also be removed.

No doubt about it. Refinishing hardwood floors is a great way to extend the life of the flooring and it is cheaper and more environmentally safe than a replacement. As many homeowners point out, if the floors look tired or damaged, qualified and experienced hardwood flooring refinishers near me can refinish the floors to give an entirely new look, with much less fuss, effort, and inconvenience.


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