Jun 22, 2022 | Wood Floor

Ideas for Dust-Free Refinishing and Maintenance of Wooden Floors

As time goes on, the hardwood floors in your home are going to take a beating. The types of shoes worn, the number of people walking around in shoes, furniture moving, pets with claws, and many other things can, over time, cause the finish and wood itself to become damaged. A wooden floor refinish doesn’t have to be a dusty prospect, there are other options available.

Refinish or Restore

The first part of learning about dust-free refinishing and maintenance for wooden floors is to know whether you need a refinishing or a more involved restoration or replacement. Replacement is necessary if your wood is damaged to the point that it’s beyond what a refinish can fix with sanding. A wooden floor refinish is part of regular maintenance of wooden floors, and if you don’t want a lot of dust kicking up from sanding, then the following are some ideas for dust-free refinishing and maintenance.


Using more traditional floor sanders for your wooden floor refinish or restoration results in a lot of dust getting kicked up, and it could take you days or weeks to get rid of all that dust in your home, even with good precautions. Therefore, a more modern method is to use screening. This way of refinishing takes a sanding screen and attaches it to the bottom of a floor buffer. With screening, you are preparing the floor for restoration by only removing the finish, and not sanding the wood underneath. This method does result in some dust, but that can be further reduced, by wetting the floor first. Once the floor is screened, you can apply new coats of finish.

Dustless Sanding

If your floor is damaged deeper than the floor finish, you are going to need to resort to dustless sanding to deal with the issues in your wooden floor. Because of the equipment involved, and how easy it can be to damage the wood with improper techniques or use of floor-sanding equipment, which are only made more complicated with dust-less options, you should contact a professional. With a professional service, they will have the necessary vacuum equipment with the floor sander to ensure minimal dust is kicked up while restoring your floors to their pristine wonder.

If you are looking for a wooden floor refinish and need the help of a trusted team of professionals, contact Blackhawk Floors today for a consultation and estimate, and let us take the hassle out of refinishing with the latest in dustless techniques.