Jul 20, 2022 | Hardwood Floor

How to Take Care Of Your Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors create an amazing look for your home. After you buy your hardwood flooring in Phoenix, AZ, it needs special care. Blackhawk Floors has services to make sure that your floors always look as great as the day they were installed.

Hardwood Floor Inspections

We are proud to offer an inspection service for your hardwood floor. Technicians are trained and certified with the National Wood Floor Association. They are trained to identify any problems with the flooring. Using this service can save money by addressing the concerns before they become larger issues.

Deep Clean Your Hardwood Flooring in Phoenix, AZ

One of the services that we offer is deep cleaning of your hardwood flooring. This should be completed on a regular basis. Our technicians can complete a deep cleaning using professional grade cleaning ingredients and the right tools. This ensures the wood remains in good condition and retains its shine.

Hardwood Floor Recoating

When your hardwood floor becomes dull and a little worn out even after a deep cleaning, it may be time to have the floor recoated. Technicians use buffers to make the surface shine, and sometimes add solutions to make a new top coat adhere to the old one. This stage needs to be done before the floor is too damaged. If there are major scratches or it is too worn out it may not be a candidate for recoating. Contact us for an assessment.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

When the floor is not able to be recoated, it may be time for refinishing. All hardwood flooring in Phoenix, AZ can have their luster and warmth revived through our expert refinishing. Once all the room is empty and the outlets and vents are sealed, it is time to refinish the hardwood floor. An expert will patch small holes and complete any repairs needed. The floor will then be sanded and buffed. The floor will be completely wiped clean and ready for stain if required, and a sealant. The sealant prevents scratches and damage to the floor and brings the shine back to the surface.

Blackhawk Floors Can Repair Your Hardwood Floor

Life happens; if your hardwood floor is damaged, we can help repair it without refinishing or replacing the entire space. Our experts can match the wood color and grain to the current floor. By expertly matching the flooring, you have an affordable way to keep your floor looking great when only a patch is needed.

Blackhawk Floors has many services for your hardwood flooring in Phoenix, AZ. We are a one stop shop from the purchase and installation of your hardwood floor and continuing care for touch ups and resurfacing. Check out all of our services and contact us today.


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