Jun 9, 2021 | Wood Floor

How to Maintain Wood Floors

A wood floor is a beautiful, prized part of the home. Wood flooring in Phoenix is meant to be something to treasure, but also to be enjoyed. You can’t keep it perfectly pristine all the time. It will be walked over, spilled on, and scratched. Are you a little bit concerned about how to take care of it and keep it looking as beautiful in the future as it does today? Proper maintenance is important. Here is how you should take care of that floor.

Be sure to enjoy it!

Eventually, it will need a good, deep clean, a polish, and perhaps it might need resurfacing. The company who installed your wood flooring in Phoenix will advise you on when that will need to be done, but in the meantime, that wood floor should still be enjoyed by you and your family. Don’t miss out because you are concerned about maintenance. Actually, a wood floor is easy to manage.

Clean up spills

Don’t let water or dampness sit on your wood flooring in Phoenix. Wetness and humidity can damage the wood and cause it to swell. And if anything does spill on the floor, wipe it up immediately with a dry cloth or one that is slightly damp. Don’t steam clean the floor or give it a wet mop; that will damage the floor.

Stop scratches

Use furniture pads to stop scratches from damaging the wood. Be sure to keep anything off the floor that can irritate the surface, such as a piece of dirt or debris on a shoe. If there is a scratch, discuss with the wood flooring experts in Phoenix for advice on what can go on the floor. Knowing the kind of wood, finish, and polish that your floor has will tell you what you can put on the floor to clean it.

Sweep daily, vacuum weekly

This will remove debris which may damage or scratch the floor. Use a vacuum with strong suction on the smooth surface floor setting on your wood flooring in Phoenix. Dust mop to keep the floor clean in between vaccums.

Refinish when it starts to look dull

You will be able to tell when your wood flooring in Phoenix needs to be recoated or rewaxed. The experts on your floor can do this touch up, or the repair work that will make the dullness disappear. Refinishing will restore that luster and warmth to make the floor look new again. Don’t let damage get out of hand; this will end up costing money and causing heartbreak. Enjoy that wood floor and focus on its maintenance. It is not difficult to maintain.

It is easy to maintain wood flooring. All that it takes is attention to what is happening, and an experienced group of installers and flooring professionals who can give you more information. When your floor is installed, be sure to get as much information on its maintenance as you can so nothing stresses you, and so the floor stays lovely for years to come.

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