May 14, 2021 | Wood Accent Wall

How to Install a Wood Accent Wall

As design evolves along with our understanding of the environment, people are becoming more and more drawn to natural elements in their home and office decor. Adding beautiful natural wood accents to any room contributes a sense of calm and warmth that is unlike any other design materials. One way to add a beautiful natural element is by installing a gorgeous wood accent wall.

Installing a Wood Accent Wall

Installing a wood accent wall is not recommended as a beginner’s do-it-yourself project, but it can be done if you have some experience working with wood. Following these steps will help you achieve the look you want:

1) Decide on the type of wood.

Depending on the look and feel of the room you are designing, you may want to consider lighter or darker woods for your wood accent wall. Choose a wood that reflects the mood you desire for your room. Some woods have more pronounced grains and knots, which may or may not be the look that you desire. Since there shouldn’t be a lot of wear and tear on a wall, the hardness of the wood is less important than if you were installing a wood floor.

2) Decide on the pattern or layout you want.

Deciding on the pattern for your wood accent wall could be as simple as choosing vertical or horizontal, or it could be more complicated. There are some beautifully designed wood accent walls that use angles and different wood types to create gorgeous patterns. Choose a pattern or layout that matches the design goals for the room.

3) Measure the area and calculate the wood needed.

Make sure that your measurements for your wood accent wall are extremely accurate before you purchase any wood for your project. Mistakes in measuring can cause a lot of hassle later on in your project.

4) Cut the wood.

As experienced woodworkers would say, “Measure twice and cut once.” Once you are certain that your measurements are accurate, start cutting the wood. The top piece of your wood accent wall may need to be trimmed lengthwise if your project goes all the way up to the ceiling.

5) Lay out the pattern on the floor

Before you start to attach the wood to the wall, lay the wood out on the floor to make sure it looks the way you want it to. You can also take this opportunity to measure once more to ensure that your wood accent wall will look the way you envisioned.

6) Adhere the wood to the wall

There are a few ways to make sure your wood accent wall stays in place. If you are using tongue and groove boards, use a nail gun to make sure that they are nailed into the wall joints. If you are using adhesive, make sure you follow the directions closely.

7) Stain and Seal

The final step in installing a wood accent wall is staining it and then sealing it.

Hiring Professionals is Much Simpler

If you are not an experienced woodworker, you may consider hiring a professional company like Blackhawk Floors. They have many years of experience helping people design, install, and maintain wood flooring and wood accent walls. Blackhawk Floors can install your wood accent wall exactly the way you envision it, and they can do it much faster than if you attempt it on your own.


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