Aug 30, 2021 | Wood Accent Wall

How to Accentuate the Beauty of Your Walls with a Wood Accent Wall

Let’s take a minute to think about something that is far too often overlooked: walls. The walls in your house aren’t just critically important to your house’s ability to…well, to be a house, but they also embody all the architectural uniqueness that makes up your home. You chose this house for a reason. There are features that made you fall in love with it—so why not leverage your design abilities to make those features truly stand out? How, you wonder? It’s easy if you use a perfectly placed wood accent wall!

The advantages of using wood for your accent wall

There are a number of different ways you can do an accent wall, but using wood is probably your best bet. Why? Because it doesn’t require as much structural support as stone, it will only add to the resale value of your home and you have enough variety of finishing style that you can have a wood accent wall to suit any style of home, from the wood plank walls of a farmhouse to the mahogany paneled walls of an historic mansion, and from the retro paneled vibes of a mid-century modern home even to the clean-cut and grey-stained diagonal planks of a modern chic home.

How do you correctly design a wood accent wall?

Too much and it can take away from the design; too little and it won’t stand out enough: how do you properly plan out a wooden accent wall? The first step is to take a look at your room. Is there somewhere that your eye is naturally drawn to? Do you want this to stand out more or less? If you want it to stand out more, then choosing that wall, section of wall, or corner might be your best bet.

Alternatively, perhaps your eye is drawn away from an area of a room that you think is actually really architecturally cool and intricate. Turning that area into an accent piece with wood can bring the eye to where it should be, and that can actually change the whole look and feel of your room—without an intensive renovation to bring about that effect.

Of course, you can also use wood to build an accent area around a section of the room that is just really hard to decorate. Maybe there are too many doors to have a chair or table there and you are struggling to find a way to incorporate it into you design. Turning it into a wood accent wall or corner can help make it feel like an intentional part of the room instead of an awkward piece that doesn’t properly connect to the room’s overall flow. And again, by changing where the eye naturally falls in the room, you can solve the flow problem entirely by building the rest of the décor and flow around the new accent piece.

You could even turn a built-in cabinet, murphy desk, or murphy bed into an accent wall that doubles for a functional unit, resolving any issues with cramped space or flow while also making a gorgeous room accent that everyone will admire.

Turn any room into your favorite room with a wood accent wall

It doesn’t take much to turn a tricky design dilemma into your absolute favorite room in the house. You just need a wood accent wall and your décor—and equity—will thank you. Contact us to more information.


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