Jan 8, 2022 | Wood Floor

How Can I Make My Wood Flooring Stay Looking Great?

Your wood floor is looking great! You have the floor and you’ve heard the compliments. You know it looks great and you want it to stay that way. What are some things you can do to keep your wood floors in Scottsdale looking as great as they did the day they were installed?

Keep the floors clean

Keep your floor free from scratches and damage by keeping anything abrasive off the floor. Dust and debris, or gravel from shoes can get on the floor and scratch it. Vacuum the floor regularly with a proper hard floor setting and sweep daily to protect the floor from anything that may get on it. Keep the floors dry. Wipe spills immediately, and don’t let any cleaning products sit on the floor and soak in.

Talk to the installers about the right cleaning product

The type of wood and the finish that was used on the wood floor matter when it comes to choosing a type of cleaning product. Be sure to always use the cleaning product that the professional installation service recommends to you. Don’t use chemical cleaners on any hardwood floor because it will eventually wear down the finish.

Get into a deep cleaning routine

Your wood floors will benefit from a deeper cleaning than you can give them just through mopping or dusting. Oils and dirt will get onto the floor just through regular living, but a deep cleaning will bring the beauty back. This deep cleaning service can be done by the same professional team who installed your wood floors in Scottsdale. At the same time, the team can do an inspection of the floor to see how it is holding up and recommend repairs if necessary.

The wood floor might need a little bit of brightening in the future

If the floor is looking a bit dull, or gently worn, then consider having it recoated. This procedure can keep your floors looking great and can extend the life of the finish for many years. Having the wood floors in Scottsdale recoated is not as time consuming, or as expensive as having them refinished, and having them recoated allows that step to be avoided.

When in doubt, ask

In summary, keep dirt and debris from scratching the floor, vacuum regularly, clean the floor properly, and bring in the professionals when needed. The team that installed the floor are the best people to talk to when service is needed, and when you want advice on how to keep your wood floors in Scottsdale as lovely as ever. Scottsdale has a humid climate, and the correct balance of humidity and temperature matter to the look of the floor. The best thing if you are worried about maintaining the beauty of your wood floors in Scottsdale is to take care of them properly—and the best people to help are those who have been trained to know wood floors.


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