Dec 2, 2020 | Hardwood Floor

Hardwood vs. Vinyl: Why Hardwood Wins Every Time


In any major renovation or new build, the question of flooring always comes up early on in the planning stages. There are so many different kinds of flooring available that need to be considered. Most people narrow it down to two options: vinyl or hardwood flooring in Scottsdale, AZ.

Flooring sets the tone for any room. It can also define a living space or increase the sense of flow from one room to another. Depending on the material, color, and design, flooring can blend into the background or be a focal point. Hardwood flooring in Scottsdale, AZ is the best choice for any living space.

When it comes to a beautiful, long-lasting, and eco-friendly choice, hardwood flooring in Scottsdale, AZ wins every time. There really isn’t another flooring material that ticks all of the boxes like hardwood does.

Natural Beauty

The most beautiful and elegant houses have hardwood flooring in Scottsdale, AZ. Natural wood adds a kind of rich beauty that vinyl flooring just can’t mimic, no matter how good the vinyl flooring is. Hardwood inherently adds a timeless beauty to your space.

Hardwood flooring in Scottsdale, AZ also comes in a variety of different types of woods and finishes to suit any space. If you are looking for a lighter color for your flooring, then choose lighter woods, like maple, oak, or hickory. For a deeper brown hue, cherry, beech, and cypris are beautiful choices. The classic, dark hardwood look is achieved by using walnut, mahogany, chestnut, or teak. There are many beautiful woods available that each bring their own unique beauty to the space.

On top of choosing a type of wood, hardwood flooring in Scottsdale, AZ can also be customized by the finish. Stain and even paint can be used on hardwood flooring to achieve the look that suits your personal style. Custom wood floorings can be cut and arranged to achieve a pattern with the grain of the wood. The possibilities are endless when you are working with hardwood flooring.


Hardwood flooring in Scottsdale, AZ is also a popular choice for its durability. Hardwood is the longest lasting choice for flooring. Scratches that would ruin vinyl flooring can be repaired on hardwood without the cost and hassle of replacing the entire floor. Good hardwood flooring installation companies also offer hardwood floor repair and refinishing services. With the proper care, cleaning, and maintenance, hardwood flooring can last for decades.


Hardwood flooring in Scottsdale, AZ goes beyond just a natural look. It can also be a natural choice that is good for the environment. If you choose wood that is responsibly sourced, hardwood flooring is much better for the environment than man-made vinyl flooring.

It is not just the general health of the earth that you should be concerned about when selecting hardwood flooring in Scottsdale, AZ. Elements like flooring can also contribute to poor air quality within the house. The many chemicals found in vinyl flooring and carpeting are often the biggest contributors to VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in our homes.

When choosing hardwood flooring in Scottsdale, AZ, Blackhawk Floors, Inc. can help you make the right decisions for your space. With over years of experience under their belts, we are well equipped to help you to choose the right flooring to suit your home design and lifestyle. Follow this link to know more.


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