Aug 27, 2021 | Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floors: To Refinish or Not, that is the Question


There’s something so special about an original hardwood floor. There’s the incredible history it tells, the mystery of nature within every unique board and feature, and then there’s just that amazing feeling of solid ground underfoot. While it’s that character we love about the hardwood floor, when does said character become simply run-down and rugged? Which brings to question, is it time to reach out to professional hardwood floors refinishers who can help us decide to refinish or not? That is the question of the day in a world where we’re conflicted by natural historical vibes versus clean modern simplicity.

When hardwood floors lose some of their shine and lustre after years of living life and making memories in the home, quality and experienced hardwood floors refinishers can revitalize the life and shine back into them. Turning to a trusted professional is the perfect solution to get the job done beautifully with minimal downtime and mess to deal with. Expertly sanding, buffing out any scratches and scuffs, and restoring the shine, refinishers return the floor to its original splendour while preserving the historical wow-factor of the hardwood floor, all at an exceptional cost savings as opposed to replacing the floor. The reasons to refinish hardwood flooring are many, but here are a few that make replacement the clear answer.

Hardwood is in demand

We believe that quality hardwood is both beautiful, and accessible. It’s dominated commercial and residential interior design for decades and that trend looks to be here to stay for decades, even generations, to come. At times, people can be intimidated about how best to deal with finishing selections and processes, but these decisions can be guided by expert hardwood floors refinishers who have the experience to identify and narrow these decisions down to suit home and building owners’ needs.

Hardwood floors refinishers have better products available today

When left in the hands of the best hardwood flooring companies, the hardwood may be restored and finished with better products that rejuvenate them as well as better protect them. Protection from the wear and tear of daily life that’s also suitable to a region’s unique climate means the life of the hardwood floor is greatly extended and so is its lustrous shine. Expert hardwood floors refinishers are also always happy to share their advice around the best products and practices to care for the floor with to maximize the beauty of the restoration.

Leave the mess to the pros

Professional hardwood floors refinishers understand that, for many home and business owners, it’s the messy dust storm and intensive cleanup required that often has them hesitating to restore their hardwood floor. Leading companies arrive equipped with protective equipment such as the Atomic Dust Containment System which stops dust from kicking up and circulating throughout an indoor space. Not only does this take care of airborne dust, but it also speeds up the process to gorgeous floors so life can return normal sooner with much less cleanup.

Whether it’s a standard hardwood floor refinish, a more intense restoration, or even an upgrade, depend on Blackhawk Floors for quality advice and extraordinary service from professional hardwood floors refinishers. It means the world to us that our customers turn to us time and again for all their flooring needs, and we’re happy to answer any question they may have over time. We believe in quality products, the best service, and affordable pricing for all our valued customers.


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